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Jul 28, 2015
2:42 PM
Road trip

Heidi Pauer is ready to turn up the volume on creative learning

We have to imagine that once summer vacation hits, most teachers are ready for a break. Let’s just say, for example, like for the next two and a half months. The students sure are ready to get away from tests and essays, books and homework. But even after almost two decades of teaching at Bow High School (she’s been there since it opened in 1997) and likely with the ability to prepare…

Jul 28, 2015
1:56 PM
High school musical

Meet Occasional Piracy, the band that was born at Parker Academy

Ron Noyes saw something special in a small group of students in his Parker Academy music classes last year. “They just had the most focus on music and the greatest desire to do something,” Noyes said of the eight students he picked out of the school’s ensemble. He had them stay after school a couple days a week to practice and they were soon playing open mic nights and getting their own gigs. The…

Jul 28, 2015
3:45 PM
Be a part of the community

Watch people throw dodgeballs at each other at National Night Out

We’ve been trying to think of something better than watching members of the Concord police and fire departments chuck dodgeballs at each other. So far the only thing we’ve come up with is when you add members of local businesses and organizations to the mix, all while enjoying some affordable eats. And thousands of others doing the exact same thing. But the annual Badge Ball Tournament is just one of the great things you can expect to enjoy next Tuesday (that’s Aug. 4) at Rollins Park as part of Concord’s National Night Out. Last year, organizers estimated more than 3,000 people attended. “It’s…

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