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Aug 25, 2015
2:06 PM
It’s the princesses from Frozen

Anna and Elsa stopped by the library, and so did most of Concord

It was “Frozen” day at the Concord Public Library last Wednesday, but you would have never guessed it with the temperature index hovering well above the freezing point. But a large crowd (too high for even us to count) came out to meet the princesses of the hit film.

Aug 25, 2015
11:33 AM
We’re free and on the move

Watch out good people of Bow ’cause we’re coming to your town

It’s been just over a year since we ventured outside the city limits for the first and only time, and we’ve been dreaming of the day we could once again step over the border that has kept us captive for nearly eight years. But since we only cover Concord and the Border Issue was really a one shot deal, we couldn’t justify crossing over those imaginary lines. That…

Aug 25, 2015
11:17 AM
Surfing the web

We wanted to get to know the town of Bow, so we went to Google

Since we had never crossed the border into Bow, which for the longest time we pictured as a moat like body of water filled with venomous snakes and great white sharks, we figured this was the perfect time to brush up on all things Bow. Just to clarify: there is not actually a moat filled with dangerous creatures. There are real roads that lead right into Bow. We know, crazy, huh? Anyway, so we took to the Google machine last week to see what we could find out about our new found friend to the south. Want to know what we found out? Then you might want to keep reading. ∎ Bow…

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