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Dec 16, 2014
11:43 AM
Howdy partner

Take the first step to becoming a cowboy with a new pair of boots

There’s so many decisions when it comes to buying your first pair of cowboy boots. You first need to know what situation you’ll be wearing them for. Do you want a dressy look? Then go with a simple and sophisticated black. Is this boot going to be used while on top of a horse? Then a flat sole is your perfect choice. Or will you be attending a country concert? If that’s the case,…

Dec 16, 2014
11:48 AM
Pass the gravy

Concord’s Holiday Dinner to feed those in need on Christmas

Christmas is a day for spending time with family, eating a nice meal and tearing off the wrapping paper from the presents Santa left under the tree. But not everybody is fortunate enough to enjoy that kind of holiday. And that’s why Steve Duprey began hosting the Concord Community Holiday Dinner seven years ago. He wanted a way to give back during the holiday season, and with the Friendly Kitchen closed on Christmas Day, it just seemed to make sense. And after seeing all the good things that the late Louie Smirnioudis did every Thanksgiving at his Windmill Restaurant – feeding those in need…

Dec 16, 2014
12:03 PM

Holly the Elf has been busy this year, what’s your elf been up to?

Holly the Elf has been delighting the Vanpelt children this year with her nightly tricks, but we know she’s not alone. And we want to see what your elf has been up to, so send us some pictures to

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