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Oct 28, 2014
2:47 PM
Say Cheese

We hit Instagram to let NHTI students give us a look at campus life

We figured there was no better way to get a glimpse of life at NHTI than through the students’ eyes, and since it’s not yet scientifically feasible to look directly through them, we hit up Instagram to find the best shots of campus happenings.

Oct 28, 2014
2:28 PM
Short circuit

The robots are taking over, or at least in this NHTI program

Like that bodybuilder in the Planet Fitness commercial, the robots at NHTI pick things up and put them down. But, as you’ll soon learn, there’s a lot more behind the SCORBOT-ER 9PRO than just bringing a few bulging muscles to the table. That’s because these robots (or any, for that fact) actually don’t need ripped biceps or triceps – mostly since it…

Oct 28, 2014
2:44 PM
Creating a masterpiece

These NHTI students are taking gaming to the next level

Things in the gaming world have come a long way since the days of Pitfall and Pac-Man. Back in the day, video games were simple. The controller had a directional pad with a few simple buttons. The characters moved across the screen, from left to right and right to left if you were lucky, with some even having the ability to jump – we’re talking cutting edge stuff here, people. Today’s…

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