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Mar 03, 2015
10:12 AM
Explosive response

We asked for gingerbread destruction ideas, and boy did we get ’em

We weren’t sure exactly what we were getting ourselves into when we asked you, our beloved readers, for ideas on how we could destroy our three-month-old gingerbread house (not suggested: a gentle breeze, which would probably do the trick on its brittle foundation at this point). Turns out what we’re into is a world of primitive and modern weapons of destruction. We…

Mar 03, 2015
12:03 PM
Digging the Doogies

Red River won the Oscars with these Neil Patrick Harris cupcakes

Red River Theatres held their annual red carpet viewing party fundraiser during the Academy Awards last Sunday, and it was fabulous, mostly because of these tiny Neil Patrick Harrises that adorned the cupcakes on hand (each NPH meticulously cut out by former Monitor ad all-star and current Red River all-star Angie Lane).

Mar 03, 2015
10:32 AM
Brewing up some fun

Raise a pinky at these fairy tea parties at the Kimby-Jenks mansion

Despite cold weather and mountainous snow, more than 20 little girls, dressed as fairies or princesses, gathered at the historic Kimball Jenkins mansion for the first ever fairy tea party last Sunday. This was the first of a series of four, leading to a final event, a Fairy Festival, scheduled for June 14, inspired by author and illustrator Tracy Kane’s award-winning Fairy House Series,…

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