Book: ‘The Women Could Fly’ by Megan Giddings

‘The Women Could Fly’ by Megan Giddings

(277, Adult Fiction, 2022)

When Jo was 14 her mother, Tiana, disappeared and was never seen or heard from again.  Jo already stood out as the only bi-racial student in her school and for fourteen years has faced pity, racism and suspicion as the girl whose mother’s case inspired an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.  Was Tiana murdered?  Or worse – in a world that is as modern as our own but still burns women accused of witchcraft – was she a witch?  Suspicions of murder have clung to her father, but far more treacherously, suspicions of witchcraft have trailed Jo herself.

Now 28, Jo must register with the government as an unmarried female to be monitored for signs of magic until she finds a husband to keep watch over her.  And, just as she and her father have finally accepted that her mother is gone for good, Tiana’s lawyer reaches out with a final request for Jo to fulfill.

The story moves between Jo’s past and present, revealing a society that strictly controls women and girls, for their own good, of course.  It is a world where magic is real but feared and punished.  Giddings raises many issues, from culture and conformity to what we owe our loved ones and ourselves.  Jo is a compelling character, not perfect, but thoughtful and critical about her life and the choices available to her.  I read the book quickly, eager to find out where her story would go.

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Julia Miller

Author: Insider Staff

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