CYPN of the Month: Backstage with Cap Center’s Sal Prizio

Sal Prizio
Sal Prizio (Courtesy of Christine Carignan)

Concord Young Professionals Network (CYPN) introduces you to the “Young Professional of the Month,” Sal Prizio. Each month, the CYPN Steering Committee recommends a young professional in the community it thinks readers would enjoy getting to know better.

Sal Prizio

Where do you live? Concord, NH.

How old are you? 46.

Where do you currently work? The Capitol Center for the Arts.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I have been working in the music industry for 25 years, starting out in the record business at Elektra Records. After 10 years, I relocated to upstate New York and opened a 120-capacity coffee house live music venue during the great recession. From there, I moved on to various venues throughout upstate NY before obtaining the position as Executive Director for the Capitol Center for the Arts a year ago here in Concord. I love to produce, create, and build communities through the arts.

Why do you choose to live in the Greater Concord area? My family and I live in Concord because we really like the community. The schools are great, there is a bustling downtown, and you can’t beat a 1.5-mile commute to work!

What is something you would like to see added or brought to Concord? I’d love to see more street festivals and free music concerts for the public throughout the city.

What’s your favorite part of your workday? My favorite part of the workday is when the venue is packed full of patrons having a good time at a show that the team has worked so hard at putting together. When you see the fruits of everyone’s labor like that it’s a really satisfying feeling.

Where did you go to school (all schools, back to Elementary)? Buttonball Elementary School (Glastonbury, CT), Glastonbury Highschool (Glastonbury, CT), Northeastern University, Music Industry Major (Boston, MA).

What do you like to do for fun? Play guitar, kayak, hike, rock-climbing, and spending time with my kids.

Favorite places to be? When I am not in the theater, which is actually one of my favorite places to be, I love being out in nature.

Last book you’ve read? The Te of Piglet

How did you find out about CYPN and how has it benefitted your business or you personally? I found out about CYPN through work emails. As the executive director of a performing arts center in Concord, I think it is critical to connect with young professionals and engage our next generation of live entertainment patrons in a genuine manner.

Who is your greatest role model? My father, who taught me the importance of hard work, no shortcuts and to persevere in the tough times and enjoy the good times.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Concord? Oh, I am not touching that one!

What’s your favorite place to go in Concord? I really enjoy the vibrance of downtown and Main Street.

Favorite movie of all time? Star Wars… of course!

What is one of your life goals? Someday, I would love to write a book containing all the funny stories that have happened to me or others in the business backstage.

If you could visit any country, where would you go? Scotland – I have been there once and can’t wait to go back. It’s simply one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Where is the best place you’ve visited? I have to say that going to my ancestral home in Italy and spending time with my relatives there has to be one of the best places I have visited in my life.

Who would you really like to meet? Geddy Lee – bassist from the band Rush.

Tell us a few interesting facts about yourself! I played in a band throughout my 20s, released 4 albums and toured the east coast. I am an avid history buff and regularly read non-fiction history books. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of random 80’s trivia. I love fun old-school breakfast cereals!


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