Poem: Christmas Eve

The snow gently falls,

the logs in the fireplace burn bright,

children are nestled,

safely home this special night.

Thoughts wander to another time,

the old are once again young at heart,

Christmas past is recalled this eve,

old family and friends still apart.

The days are recalled gently,

for the memories are cherished just so,

this Christmas rekindles another time,

memories that I only know.

The years may pass,

but those old thoughts remain within,

my earliest recollections,

as my life did begin.

The early days still live,

I recall those thoughts each year,

I wrap presents in colorful paper,

nostalgia visits with a tear.

As this Christmas returns once again,

I embrace those from the past this night,

the snow gently falls,

the logs in the fireplace burn bright.

Author: James Spain

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