Vanessa Yu’sMagical Paris Tea Shop

Vanessa Yu’sMagical Paris Tea Shop

By Roselle Lim

(305 pages, fiction, 2020)

Vanessa is cursed with being able to tell people’s fortunes. You might think that it would be a wonderful thing, but Vanessa can’t control it. If she drinks tea, or is even near a cup of tea, the fortunes explode from her mouth, good or bad, for family or strangers. It caused a disaster at her cousin’s wedding.

This fortune-telling ability runs in Vanessa’s family. But Vanessa has never embraced it. Vanessa travels to Paris to help her enigmatic Aunt Evelyn with her tea shop. But she also wants to learn from Aunt Evelyn about how to control her “gift.” Vanessa meets a handsome young man and they begin to explore Paris together. Vanessa realizes that she has another gift – matchmaking. She can find the right matches for others, but can she find happiness and love for herself?

This book is filled with mouth-watering descriptions of food, lots of humor, likable characters, Paris landmarks, and a bit of magic. For another magical book, read Roselle Lim’s debut novel, Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck & Fortune.

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Robbin Bailey

Author: Insider Staff

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