New albums from Concord residents

Old Rail Car

New Hampshire musician Tim Kierstead has just released his first album of all-original music, Old Rail Car.

A singer/songwriter and well known guitarist across New England, Kierstead has opened for huge acts like Willie Nelson and Keith Urban, and has recorded at the legendary Sound Stage Studios in Nashville. Now he takes the next step in his musical journey by sharing an album of nine original songs, completely self-produced, with Kierstead playing all the instruments.

Blending country and classic rock with a heavy dose of Kierstead ’s fantastic slide playing, songs on Old Rail Car talk about diverse topics ranging from protecting loved ones to depression to the way the imagery of our unique, beautiful experiences resonates with us. Kierstead nods to some of his heroes, like the Allman Brothers and B.B. King, but tells his own stories throughout with heartfelt lyrics and truly fine musicianship.

The album opens with the driving rhythms and riffs of “Ride,” making an immediate impact with its energy. The ballad “Picture Yourself” suggests a joyful imagery of family, while “Heavy” offers hope for people feeling the isolation associated with depression. The album closes with the quintessential working man song, “Done.. A strong vocal delivery, relatable lyrics, and notable guitar work abound throughout Old Rail Car, as Kierstead delivers his personal experiences through song. Learn more at

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Phosphorescent Snack

New Hampshire indie band Andrew North and the Rangers released their new single, “Aditi,” and announced their debut full-length LP, Phosphorescent Snack, arriving on July 30. The new song is whimsical and upbeat and showcases the band’s instrumental dexterity. The lyrics are based on a silly conversation that Andrew had with his then 2-year-old son.

“I love being a dad and just getting to be goofy,” says North “My son and I were talking about being on a boat to ‘Aditi’ and just going back and forth with nonsense. The lyrics really started to come together when I started connecting the brilliance of this tiny kid with my own feelings of insecurity as a father. Sometimes I feel like he’s already so perfect, what can I possibly teach him that he doesn’t already have?”

The song is an exciting glimpse of the band’s new LP, coming this summer. The 12 song release showcases the band’s genre-bending style and whimsical sense of humor.

“Aditi” is available today on all streaming platforms, and at andrewnorth It features Andrew North (keys and vocals), Dale Grant (drums), Chip Spangler (bass, and Rob O’Brien (brass). The single was mixed and mastered by Tank Studios in Burlington, Vt.

Andrew North and the Rangers are small-town friends brought together by an adventurous approach to music. They hit it off quickly at local open-mic nights. Their debut album, Phosphorescent Snack, showcases their genre-bending style and whimsical sense of humor. It’s a reminder that amazing things can come from unlikely places.

Andrew North

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