Book: Darkness creeping

Darkness Creeping

By Neal Shusterman

(291, youth fiction, 2007)

Love a good scare, but tired of the same old stories? Appropriately named, Darkness Creeping will keep you up at night.

The best part is it’s a collection of short stories, so you can read it in between the dullness of your life and choose how much thrill you want. It will make you say, “Glad I’m not them,” as their stories eat at your mind. There’s something unsettling about them that you just can’t shake.

What if a senile grandmother was really living ahead in time? Would you heed her eerie warnings? You receive an odd package meant for a museum by mistake, but what if it wasn’t a mistake at all? It may be closer to you than you realize. What would you do with a quilt that erases people? These stories and many more will get under your skin.

I love the way the author mixes horror with science fiction to give you chilling tales that bend time and space. I guarantee you, after reading these stories you’ll be thinking about them for years to come.

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Amy Cornwell

Author: Insider Staff

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