City newsletter: Elections, leaves, Halloween and more

Work progresses at Merrill Pool.
Work progresses at Merrill Pool.

The city manager’s office sent out the City Manager’s Newsletter last Friday. The full newsletter can be found by going to and clicking the “Newsletter” button. Here are some highlights:

Election info

The City Clerk’s Office wants residents to know that Oct. 21 was the last day residents may pre-register to vote prior to the State General Election to be held on Nov. 3, 2020. The City Clerk’s Office will be open until 6 p.m. that day. Residents will have the opportunity to register to vote at the polls on Election Day if they are unable to get into the clerk’s office before Oct. 21.

The Clerk’s Office is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with extended hours until 6 p.m. on Thursdays.

Should residents have any questions they may reach the City Clerk’s Office by phone at 225-8500 or via email at More information is also available online at

Absentee ballots

Absentee ballots for the Nov. 3 State General Election are available from the City’s Clerk’s Office. Residents who are unable to vote at the polls on Election Day may request an absentee ballot from the City Clerk’s Office. You must be registered to vote prior to casting an absentee ballot. Oct. 21 is the last day residents may register to vote prior to Election Day.

If you applied for an absentee ballot, you may find out if the clerk has received your request; when the absentee ballot was sent to you; and when it was received back in the clerk’s office via

Polling location changes

Please note the following polling location changes for the Nov. 3 election:

Ward 2 residents will be voting at the Barn at Bull Meadow, 63 Bog Road.

Ward 7 residents will be voting at Abbot-Downing School, 152 South St.

Ward 9 residents will be voting at the City Wide Community Center, 14 Canterbury Road.

Changes have been made to ensure that we provide ample space in preparation for an anticipated large turnout for the upcoming election, while addressing social distancing due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

More information is available at

Beaver Meadow Golf Course

Beaver Meadow Golf Course reopened on Sunday after being closed since Oct. 15 for deep cleaning and sanitization of the entire facility.

On Oct. 14, a Beaver Meadow Golf Course employee tested positive for COVID-19. Employees got tested after a COVID-19 positive customer was at the golf course during the weekend of October 10-11. The employee is currently in quarantine. N.H. DHHS is conducting contact tracing. Concerned customers should contact NH DHHS at 271-4496 for further guidance.

Full COVID-19 guidelines are listed on the website.

Everett Arena closed temporarily

The Douglas N. Everett Arena has closed its doors to the public for the next two weeks under the advisement of new COVID-19 guidelines by the State of New Hampshire.

Gov. Sununu gave a coronavirus response update last Thursday suspending all ice activities at indoor arena facilities for a two-week period due to concern of recent reports of COVID-19 outbreaks in the state linked to ice hockey. The break on activities is intended for arenas to put additional safety measures in place, to clean and sanitize facilities, and give players and their family time to get tested.

The Everett Arena has already been exceeding all state and federal guidelines for cleaning and sanitization. There have not been any known COVID-19 cases linked to the Everett Arena, but all arena activities have been canceled as of 4:45 p.m. Thursday per these new state regulations. Hockey, stick practice, and public ice skating are all suspended until further notice. A reopening date is anticipated in two weeks depending on state guidelines.

The Everett Arena is committed to public safety being the first priority. Visit for future updates.

Fall leaf collection

Concord Fall Leaf Collection will be returning on Nov. 2 with bulk leaf collection. Bulk collection will continue as weather permits through Dec. 11, focusing on residential areas within the City’s drainage system. Bagged collection will be returning on Nov. 23 and continue for three weeks for residents with curbside trash collection.

Important COVID-19 Program Change

In order for our crews to practice safe social distancing, leaf vacuums will not be used for bulk leaf collection this year. Instead, crews will use leaf loaders. This means that bulk collection will require all leaves to be raked loosely (unbagged) into the street along the edge of the road or sidewalk. Please avoid piling leaves and keep leaves tight along the curb to keep streets clear. Any leaves not in the street will not be reachable and will not be collected. Watch a video demonstration below to see where to place leaves and how bulk collection will work this year. Avoid on-street parking Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. until collection is finished to not block access to leaves.

Alternative Options

An eco-friendly alternative is to mulch the leaves into your lawn by running over leaves with a lawn mower or mulching blade. Residents also have the option to bring leaves to a local accepting farm or Gelinas Excavation & Earth Materials Recycling Center for free with proof of residency if the load is smaller than a non-commercial pick-up truck. Brush, branches, and limbs are not acceptable materials for the City’s leaf collection, but can be dropped off separately at Gelinas Excavation & Earth Materials Recycling Center for a nominal fee. Gelinas Excavation & Earth Materials Recycling Center is located at 10 Intervale Road, off Fort Eddy Road, and is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Saturday hours will be available from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Nov. 7, Nov. 14, Nov. 21, and Dec. 5. No Saturday hours on Nov. 28 due to the Thanksgiving Day holiday. Hours are weather permitting and should be confirmed by calling them ahead of drop off.

Program Questions & Concerns

We realize bulk leaf collection faces some challenges, including: collecting leaves too early from an area before all the leaves have fallen, having to suspend collection before reaching all residents due to the onset of winter weather, and the uncertainty of when collection will occur due to unpredictable leaf volumes and weather conditions. However, we know bulk collection provides convenience and is an appreciated program. Adding the bagged collection in 2018 added an additional service to address the challenges of bulk collection while providing more predictability and opportunity for residents to participate in leaf collection. Starting in 2019 crews in the south end joined the east side crew and Penacook crew in rotating their starting location each year for bulk collection.

Please visit concord for more program information and detailed maps.

Emissions inventory

The City of Concord released its first-ever Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, led by Sustainability Fellow Amina Grant and conducted as a collaboration between the City of Concord and the University of New Hampshire Sustainability Institute. Grant presented the results to City Council on Aug. 10, and the report is now available on the City of Concord website. Learn more on our blog at post/concordgasemissionsnventory.

Parks and Rec

Come enjoy our programs with safety guidelines in place! The Fall 2020 – Winter 2021 brochure is available now at Classes include adult enrichment; Tai Chi, Zumba and yoga. This winter we will offer the following in youth programming: pre-season and regular season basketball, floor hockey, art classes, dance and much more.

Merrill Pool

The pool renovation is coming along nicely at Merrill Park! Concord General Services’ Public Properties Division has been working with The H.L. Turner Group and South Shore Gunite Pools to fully replace the existing pool structure to address aging sections and offer improvements for ADA accessibility, increased safety, improved efficiency, and enhanced visual appeal. Construction started on September 21. Demolition of the existing pool and concrete deck is complete. Grade lines for the walls and zero entry pool slope have been set up and drains have been installed in the deep end of the pool. Grading the pool sub-layer and stone compacting has been completed. Piping for the spray features and floor returns have been installed. Rebar installation is finished and concrete placement is anticipated to start early next week. Construction will wrap up for the season by the end of this month and resume in the spring to complete final touches ahead of the 2021 pool season.


As tradition holds, trick or treat is Friday, Oct. 30 from 5 to 7:30 p.m. in Penacook and Saturday, Oct. 31 from 5 to 7:30 p.m. in Concord. Trick or treaters should only visit locations that are visibly participating with their outdoor lights on. Please be respectful of those who choose not to participate, and above all if you choose to trick or treat, please do so safely. Residents are requested to stay home if they do not feel well, wear a mask over your nose and mouth while trick-or-treating or passing out treats, avoid large gatherings and parties, stay 6 feet apart while handing out treats, wash or sanitize hands often.

Main Street Fund

Gov. Chris Sununu has authorized the allocation and expenditure of CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund (“flex funds”) to provide economic support to New Hampshire small businesses suffering from business interruptions as a result of COVID-19.

MSRF 2.0 supports both (1) businesses that did not receive grants from the initial round of MSRF or the General Assistance & Preservation (GAP) Fund, and (2) businesses that received grants of less than the maximum $350,000 from the initial round of MSRF or the GAP Fund, if eligible according to the criteria described below. Businesses that received a Self Employed Livelihood Fund (SELF) grant are not eligible for MSRF 2.0.

The $100 million MSRF 2.0 will be shared among new recipients and prior recipients of MSRF and GAP Fund grants using a pro-rata formula based on gross receipts losses adjusted for other COVID-19-related funding received from all sources, including all grants received from GOFERR flex funds programs. MSRF 2.0 grants will be offset by GOFERR program grants previously received on a dollar-for-dollar basis, including, particularly, from the initial round of MSRF and the GAP Fund. The maximum amount received from MSRF 2.0 cannot exceed $350,000, including grants received from the initial round of MSRF and the GAP Fund.

Important Dates

Application Period: Oct. 19 to 30

Deadline to Submit Completed Application: 4 p.m. on Oct. 30, 2020

Eligibility Criteria:

For a business (or group of affiliated businesses*) to qualify for MSRF 2.0, it must:

Be a for-profit business;

Have its principal business office in New Hampshire;

Have typically employed at least one non-owner W-2 employee before COVID-19;

Have been in operation since at least May 29, 2019;

Anticipate a loss of gross receipts from 2019 to 2020 due to COVID-19;

Have total 2019 gross receipts of less than $20 million;

Have received a total of less than $350,000 from the initial round of MSRF or the GAP Fund, if a prior recipient;

Not be currently in bankruptcy;

Not have permanently closed; and

Not have received a Self Employed Livelihood Fund (SELF) grant.

In addition, the following types of businesses are not eligible for MSRF 2.0:

Nonprofit organizations;

Agriculture businesses;

Childcare providers;

Elementary or secondary schools;

Institutions of higher education; and

Hospitals or other healthcare providers.

* For purposes of MSRF 2.0, a business is considered affiliated with any other business that:

Has the same Taxpayer Identification Number (including Social Security Number);

Has the same corporate parent or grandparent; or

Is majority-owned (more than 50%) by the same owner or group of owners.

MSRF 2.0 grant amounts will be calculated similar to the initial round of MSRF and the GAP Fund. The maximum amount received cannot exceed $350,000, including grants received from the initial round of MSRF and the GAP Fund. The State of New Hampshire is not directing businesses on how to spend the money. Businesses must demonstrate they have experienced or anticipate they will experience a financial loss due to COVID-19 in order to qualify for MSRF 2.0. It is expected that businesses will use the funds to assist in covering their operational costs and legal obligations.

New Hampshire Main Street Relief Fund 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions

Awards made under the initial round of the Main Street Relief Fund were determined by utilizing the following formula:

Step 1. Calculating the business’s anticipated gross loss, by subtracting estimated 2020 gross receipts from actual 2019 gross receipts (“anticipated gross loss”).

Step 2. Subtracting 50% of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) amount and 100% of all other federal funds from the anticipated gross loss (“qualified loss”).

Step 3. Summing the qualified losses of all businesses (“total qualified loss”).

Step 4. Dividing the total fund balance of $400M by the total qualified loss (“pro rata percentage”).

Step 5. Multiplying the pro rata percentage by a business’s qualified loss.

Step 6. If the result of the previous step is above $350K, the business only received $350K; in all other cases, the business received the amount calculated in Step 5.

New Hampshire Self Employed Livelihood Fund (SELF)

Awards made under the New Hampshire Self Employed Livelihood Fund (SELF) were determined by utilizing the following formula:

Step 1: By calculating a business’s “anticipated loss,” by subtracting estimated 2020 actual gross receipts from 2019 actual gross receipts.

Step 2. Subtracting 100% of: 1. The total amount of unemployment compensation benefits received by every owner of the business, regardless of ownership percentage, for the period from March 17, 2020, to July 6, 2020; and 2. The combined amounts of all COVID-19-related grants and/or loans received, or projected to be received, by your business (including any affiliated businesses), since March 1, 2020. This equals the business’s “qualified loss.”

Step 3. Multiply the business’s “qualified loss” by 17.17% (the same pro rata percentage used for the Main Street Relief Fund).

An eligible business will receive the amount calculated in Step 3, up to $50,000.

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