Book of the week: Teen mediates with ghosts


By Meg Chabot

(304 pages, young adult fiction, 2004)


Do you like ghosts? Susannah doesn’t. Even though she can see them. They are just so needy. Like always having unfinished business. Or worse getting her expelled from school. Her parents don’t know about her ability. No one does. Except the priest at her new school. He guides her through being a mediator, a link between the dead and the living, but not without scowling at her lack of tact.

She moved from New York City to California. New house, new family, new school. New ghost haunting her bedroom. Her bedroom! Not cool! But he is handsome, so maybe she doesn’t have to kick his celestial butt just yet. Meet Jesse. In addition to making things awkward for Suze, he also helps her fight the ghosts.

Including the one named Heather. She’s angry, and she is haunting Suze’s new school. So Suze does what any good mediator would do. She gives her a good thrashing. Now Suze needs to exorcise Heather, before she’s expelled from school.

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Amy Cornwell

Author: Insider Staff

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