Making Good Health Simple: Lower into a lunge

While gyms are beginning to open at lower occupancy numbers and at least some social distancing precautions expected to continue through the summer, it might be hard to keep up the routines you are used to doing. However, it is still important to stay active for a healthy body and mind. Instructors from 43 Degrees North will be sharing quick exercises with the Insider that you can do at home.


A lunge is a great exercise because it mimics real life; it mimics walking only more exaggerated and it works your body unilaterally.  Single leg movements activate your stabilizing muscles to develop better balance, coordination and stability.

To perform take a big step forward, landing heal down first, bend your front knee to approximately 90 degrees making sure you bent knee is not forward of your toes, you’ll put most of you weight in your front leg with your rear leg to balance stabilize and support your entire body. Push off on the fore foot of your front foot to get back to starting position.

You are working your gluteal, hamstrings, quadriceps muscles as well as your core.


(Robin Lemay is a certified fitness instructor and teaches cycle and barre at 43 Degrees North Athletic Club.)

Author: Robin Lemay

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