Looking back: A trip down North Main

North Main Street in Concord
North Main Street in Concord

Please take a trip back in time with me to North Main Street.

This is a photograph of North Main Street in Concord. The photographer stood over a century ago on North Main Street looking south towards our downtown. He was close to where now are traffic lights at the intersection of 393 and North Main in the middle of the road.

Some perspective for your enjoyment:

The first house on the left is the present day Carrigan House, the large yellow house across the street from Friendly’s Restaurant.

The first house on the right is now occupied by the Friendly’s Restaurant.

The third house on the right, the large brick home, is currently Concord Obstetrics office.

The tall steeple just past Concord Obstetrics is the Congregational Church at the end of Washington Street and North Main.

Some interesting thoughts: The streets are unpaved, there is a trolley track – no electrical wires overhead, which means this is the original Concord Horse Trolley, a trolley pulled by horse on the tracks, about 8 miles worth of track around Concord streets.

There are many American Elm Trees, the hurricane of 1938 had not yet visited and Dutch Elm Disease had not occurred yet, so we still had hundreds of surviving elm trees lining our Concord Streets.

James W. Spain

Author: Insider Staff

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