City newsletter: Spring is in the air for the city

The city manager’s office sent out the City Manager’s Newsletter last Friday. The full newsletter can be found by going to and clicking the “Newsletter” button. Here are some highlights:

Daylight savings

Daylight savings began Sunday. The Concord Fire Department wants to remind you to test your smoke alarms and change replaceable batteries at least once a year.

Road Load Limits

The City of Concord began posting “No Trucking – Load Limit 9 Tons” signs on Monday to protect roads during the spring thaw. Weight restrictions are posted on roads to help minimize additional road damage from heavy vehicles on weakened road structures. Road structures are naturally weakened around this time of year from the frequent freezing and thawing cycles. The fluctuating temperatures can cause the ground to shift, leading to cracks in the pavement. Frost heaves are formed when snow and rain get through the cracks and freeze underneath the roads, expanding the road upwards. As temperatures warm, the ground thaws and the roads contract back down, causing breaks in the pavement, potholes, and weak road structures. The road load limits of 9 tons will not affect the average car or truck, but will impact heavy construction vehicles and commercial trucking. Road load limits will continue as long as conditions require, but will likely remain in place until the end of March or beginning of April depending on the weather and road conditions. Limits will not be removed until all snow has melted and ditches are clear of any standing water. The City of Concord does not issue permits for drivers for spring load limits. Drivers can call Concord General Services at 228-2737 to request for travel permissions if necessary of 1-2 loads before noon. Find the list of streets that will be posted in Concord and more information at

Fix a Leak Week

Join Concord General Services in celebrating EPA WaterSense’s “Fix a Leak Week,” March 16 to 22! Leaks can waste a lot of water and can lead to outrageous utility bills. A leaky faucet, shower head, toilet, or irrigation system may seem harmless, but more than 10,000 gallons of water are wasted each year from leaks in the average household. Sometimes leaks can be silent and go undetected until you notice an increase in your water bill. Find and fix household leaks to save water and possibly even money on utility bills.

Kick-off “Fix a Leak Week” on Monday by joining Concord General Services for a Twitter Party from 2 to 3 p.m. @ConcordNHGS. Join the national conversation about how to find and fix water leaks by following and using the hashtag #FixALeak.

Free Toilet Leak Dye Test Kits are available at the water billing office at 311 N. State St. through March 22. Grab a kit to perform a quick and easy leak test on your toilet! Leaky toilets can be a big culprit in high water bills and wasted water. Leaks can be a royal pain, but residents can find and fix water leaks by performing a “royal” leak detection. Concord residents can enter Concord General Services’ Royal Leak Detection contest for a chance to win a new royal “throne” (WaterSense labeled toilet). The American Standard dual-flush 1.0/1.6 GPF (gallons per flush) white elongated toilet is certified to use at least 20% less water without sacrificing performance. Share how you have found and fixed water leaks for a chance to win. Enter by submitting a contest entry form (available online or in person at General Services’ water billing office) and/or by tagging Concord General Services on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram in a public post with how you have found and fixed water leaks. Double your chance to win by entering the contest both ways! All entries must be received by 5 p.m. on March 22. By entering the contest, you agree to the official contest rules.

Learn more about Fix A Leak Week, how to find leaks, the EPA WaterSense Program, and the Royal Leak Detection contest at

Parks and Rec

Last week, the Parks and Recreation Department was able to open the outdoor track and basketball courts at Memorial Field, dog park and walking trail at Terrill Park, the walking path around Keach Park, the basketball courts at White, Merrill, and Keach Parks, and the courts at the three play lots. It will be couple of more weeks before the athletic fields open.

More information can be found online at

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