Book of the Week: Shady business

A Dream of Death: A Kate Hamilton Mystery

By Connie Berry

(311 pages, 2019, mystery)

Kate Hamilton returns to the Isle of Glenroth, the island in Scotland where she met her late husband, Bill.  She is reluctant to return and revisit scenes from her past.

But her volatile sister-in-law, Elenor, has asked her to come and help her.  Elenor, who has never liked Kate, is in trouble and has no one else to turn to.  Elenor runs the Glenroth Hotel, a luxurious country house that claims a connection with Bonnie Prince Charlie.  On the night of the annual Tartan Ball, Elenor makes two surprise announcements: one that she is selling the hotel and two that she has become engaged.  The selling of the hotel may mean the loss of jobs for the staff, some of whom have been there for years.  Elenor also shows Kate a small carved wooden chest.  Kate is an antique dealer and thinks that this beautiful box is rare and valuable.  Elenor thinks that something shady is going on and she’s scared.  Then there is a shocking murder. Kate realizes that the way the victim is killed mirrors the death of a young Scottish woman in 1810 on the island.   Could the killer be sending a message by mimicking this historical murder?  Kate’s friend Bo is accused of the murder and Kate is sure that he is innocent.  In order to help him, Kate decides to investigate.  And a handsome detective inspector who happens to be on vacation in the area is also on the case.  Kate keeps running into him, but she’s not sure of his motives.  Will Kate be able to unravel the many clues and leads in this tangled web and save her friend?

This is a charming mystery in a lovely setting with a funny and feisty heroine.

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Robbin Bailey

Author: Insider Staff

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