Tattoo Q&A: Eternal Alchemy’s Heather Smith

What is your background experience as a tattoo artist?

I have a masters degree in sculpture and drawing from the University of Iowa and have been both internationally published for my work in sculpture as well as yattoo art.

I apprenticed under Jerry Schwartz at Acupuncture Tattoo in Newport, RI, for a year. Then, I went on to open my own studio in Massachusetts where I worked for 15 years before deciding to strike out as a solo artist here in New Hampshire opening Eternal Alchemy Tattoo.

How did you decide to pursue this profession?

I was lucky enough to be asked to learn the art of tattoo by an artist who then apprenticed me and it became my life’s work.

What is the process for the customer? 

My studio is appointment only, I am fortunate enough to book in advance so planning is recommended. The client normally will go to my website and fill out an intake form with some basic information and I will go from there.

What sort of research should a customer get in advance?

The client’s job is to know what they want for content in their project and it’s the artists job to make it work as a tattoo and look amazing. It is truly a partnership between artist and client. It is also important for the client to look closely at the portfolio of work by the artist and understand that their piece will be done in the artists signature style.

What other recommendations do you have for a customer before they get a tattoo?

It is also helpful to gather samples of work that you like, I won’t copy any other artists’ work; however, it will show me what is visually appealing to you so I am able to design something you will love

What creative control do you have over what you draw? 

All my work in tattoo is custom designed by me and handdrawn in my signature style, which is a detailed illustrative style. I specialize in nature themes and pattern work.

Can you describe a tattoo that you’ve done that you’re most proud of or that was particularly cool or complicated? Why is that one special to you?

I would say that my favorite work is on my website and social media platforms however there are many tattoos that do not make it to those platforms due to privacy and other reasons. I have many amazing clients whose stories are absolutely fascinating.

Author: Insider Staff

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