Book of the Week: ‘Cold Storage’

Cold Storage

David Koepp

2019, 320 pages



When Roberto Diaz was sent to the Australian Outback in 1987, he didn’t expect to find a terrifying fungus capable of zombifying its hosts. He and his team contained it then, to their cost. The Pentagon buried it in a forgotten sub-basement and believed it couldn’t escape.

In 2019, it found its way out. The fungus is on a feeding frenzy, and Diaz is the only person who remembers how to stop it. Now, with the help of two security guards and his former partner, he has one night to figure out how to stop a fungus from taking over the world.

David Koepp’s background as a screenwriter for Jurassic Park, Spider-Man and War of the Worlds really shows through in his debut novel. The writing is very visual and action-packed, with effective description and fun flashes of dry humor. If you’re looking for a thriller this is a great fast-paced choice.

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