Making Good Health Simple: Don’t miss the outdoor yoga session at Rock On Fest

Don't miss the outdoor yoga session on the State House lawn with 43 Degrees North Athletic Club this Sunday as part of Rock On Fest. Courtesy of Crystal Reynolds
Don't miss the outdoor yoga session on the State House lawn with 43 Degrees North Athletic Club this Sunday as part of Rock On Fest. Courtesy of Crystal Reynolds

It’s free, it’s outside, and everyone can participate – Yoga on the State House lawn. On Sunday, during the Rock On Fest, join 43 Degrees North Athletic Club for an epic experience filled with music, movement and positive energy. What makes this extra exciting? The greater Concord community is coming together to support a great cause. The Rock On Foundation is known for collaborating with local businesses to raise money for great projects like renovation of basketball courts and developing arts programs.

On Sunday morning, show up at 8:45 with an open mind for a 9 a.m. yoga sesh with Concord’s own powerhouse registered yoga teacher Tina Poirier. Whether it’s on the court, on stage, or in the classroom, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to rock the things they love. The mission statement for the Rock On Fest aligns perfectly with what Tina believes, and why she is in charge of all things Yoga at 43 Degrees. “At 43 Degrees North we believe in providing people opportunities to grow both inside and out. We love supporting and building our community in Concord,” she said. Tina’s love of music and the ability to create a sick playlist makes this event appropriate for all ages (literally zero experience is required). Movement + ROCKin’ what we love (aka yoga) + friends = match made in heaven!

Yoga means a lot of things to different people, both big picture and individually. However, there’s one very powerful aspect that helped yoga spread: community. Every person is a student of yoga, and for that, we all need teachers. Sure, we can be our own teachers, but we also learn from each other and, more importantly, inspire one another in our practice.

Tina has spent years fine-tuning her art of practicing and teaching. From working with special populations to training other yoga teachers, she has deep-rooted desire for helping people. Her expertise helps her to build a diverse community of open-hearted yoga students. Community is about union and connection. Webster’s Dictionary defines community as, “A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.” This can be created by work culture, commonality, or an interest a group of people share. Being part of a community requires a little something from each person. If you’re going to be a part of a community, then you’ll have some responsibility to create positive energy. Bringing positivity and a desire connect with others, a community can grow and be a safe area for expression. Tina works hard to create this atmosphere in all of her yoga classes. Bring a mat (or a beach towel), a reusable bottle of water and check it out.

Pro tip: “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” – Dalai Lama

(Crystal Reynolds is an owner of 43 Degrees North Athletic Club.)

Author: Crystal Reynolds / For the Insider

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