Food Snob: Fried chicken and all the fixin’s at Georgia’s Northside

Fried chicken with chipotle mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus and collared greens from the not-yet-open Georgia's Northside. THE FOOD SNOB / Insider staff
Fried chicken with chipotle mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus and kale salad from the not-yet-open Georgia's Northside. THE FOOD SNOB / Insider staff

Georgia’s Northside, the barbecue joint inhabiting the former Korner Kupboard location on North State Street, is not open yet, but given the massive power of the Food Snob, we were allowed in early for a sneak peek at what’s to come.

While the carry-out restaurant awaits its beer permit, it will open for a few hours each Friday night for folks to get a little taste of chef and owner Alan Natkiel’s take on Southern fare. Last Friday, this Food Snob, as well as the Monitior’s venerable Caitlin Andrews, were invited to try a dish.

We got a couple pieces of fried chicken, as well as grilled asparagus, chipotle mashed potatoes, kale salad and a bowl of homemade pudding.

First things first – this fried chicken doesn’t mess around. The batter is super crunchy, crispy and flaky, yet it’s light. It’s really the ideal texture for a piece of fried chicken, and the batter doesn’t go crazy with spices – it tastes like chicken, and good chicken, at that. There’s really only one other place in town that specialized in homemade fried chicken – Wow Fried Chicken – but this variety is plenty different from that.

The mashed potatoes are definitely a highlight. They’re slightly orange, hinting at some spice, and that hint pays off. While you wouldn’t consider these legitimately spicy, they do have a little kick that traditional mashed potatoes don’t. It’s just enough to notice, and even those who don’t like spicy things will likely find a lot to like here.

The asparagus is grilled to the point of light charring, which adds a nice pop of flavor. This is the thicker variety of asparagus, which is pretty filling.

The kale salad has cashews and craisins in it, which gives the greens a sweet taste. There may have been some fruity dressing on there, too.

Finally, the pudding is exceptional. Part mousse, part frosting, you’ll never have pudding like this anywhere else. It’s thick, creamy, rich and just a pleasure to eat. Even if you’re a vegetarian who would never dream of going to a barbecue joint, you should go for the pudding.

Look for Georgia’s to open in the coming weeks.

Author: The Food Snob

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