Missed Connections: Looking for love in Concord through Craigslist 

Where does the time go? It’s been a good six months since the last installment of Missed Connections, and we know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting the next batch. In order to keep the masses happy, we compiled the following items that have been posted to the Craigslist Missed Connections section in Concord or Bow over the past month or so.

As always, these are printed completely unedited, just the way they appear on Craigslist in all their glory. We’re still waiting to hear from someone who found their match either by posting or responding to one of these ads, but we’re not losing hope yet. If you have a Missed Connections success (or horror) story, shoot us an email at news@theconcordinsider and give us all the juicy details (well, maybe not all the details).


Bedford, Loudon & Concord (Concord) – May 28

We chatted this afternoon… the topics included families, tatoos, where we live and where we’re from.

I’m serious about buying dinner for you.

I should’ve asked for your number but I wasn’t sure if you were just being nice or if you felt a connection.

I hope you see this and contact me.


Alltown Dunkin donuts (Bow nh) – May 28

5/23/19 Your a beautiful blonde your name starts with K I have only been in there a couple of times but you are breath taken I hope you read this and are single !??

Im a attractive Male in my 40’s I am not a truck driver at all I just stop I’m when ever I’m in that area I live in Concord nh.


Downtown Penacook Pretty Lady (CONCORD) – May 27

I was driving in downtown Penacook earlier today and you were walking with a friend. We were definitely checking each other out. You are extremely beautiful and I’d love to get to know you. Tell me what I looked like.


Subway Concord Walmart (Concord) – May 27

Sunday May 26, between 11:00-12 you were wearing jeans with a nice low cut white shirt and black tight pants. I’m guessing you were waiting for your bf to close up subway. “Star Employee ” You came out of the Walmart bathroom and made eyes contact as you walked up to subway. I was with my buddy and I couldn’t take my eyes off you. When we were leaving you were back at subway bending over the counter looking at me as I was walking out with my friend. You male friend didn’t look too happy staring at me considering I’m half his size and I had your attention the whole time. Hey I would like to talk with you and I know the way you were looking at me was saying you wanna talk to. Reply to this telling me was my friend taller or shorter than me

Girl in blue, Market Basket Concord Saturday (Concord) – May 25

Saw you in the wine aisle and then a couple minutes later. You drive a black SUV and we smiled at each other. Would love to talk.


Woman at Circle k on loudon rd (Concord) – May 24

Thursday at the Irving on loudon rd. We made eye contact several times even when we were leaving I thought you were gorgeous. Tell me what you were wearing so I know it’s you. Would love to meet up sometime.


Hot guy in silver truck (Concord) – May 18

Saw you Wednesday at shell in Concord. You were getting gas and drove a silver gmc truck with black stripes on it. I think you noticed me checking you out but i was to scared to ask you if you were single. You are super hot and have nice arms. If you remember me hit me up.


Concord Co-Op on 5/15 (Concord) – May 16

We met at the Concord Co-Op on Wednesday afternoon around 1pm.

You – Beautiful, Sandy brown hair and wearing a Bruin’s sweat shirt. I made a comment that I liked your shirt and we started talking about hockey. You have a great smile as well!

Me – An IDIOT as I didn’t get your name or number and by the time I got to the parking lot, you were leaving.

I’m hoping that maybe you see this and we can reconnect. I’ll also be looking for you at the Co-op. Tell me what team we both thought the Bruin’s would play in the Stanley cup!

White civic at constantly (Concord) – May 11

Just thought you where very pretty

Wasn’t sure if you where checking me out or just being friendly

Blond white civic how many pizzas did you ger

Secret crush (Concord) – May 5

To the very cute green eyed man. I can’t get you off of my mind. Social media has made Us friends but you don’t know me well. I however would like to change that.


john?jack? (concord country club) – May 4

saw you watching me from across the greens.

you waved at me and started running to me.

you reach for my face you pinched a tick off of me.

did you see the tick from 800 yards away?

you looked me in my eyes and swallowed the tick.

your nail scratched my skin and left a tiny red mark.

this mark is all i have of you.

please jack

come back to me i will be waiting here at the treeline

Jared (concord) – May 3

Jared K, its been a couple of months, but I would like to see you again.


Long black hair, wearing all black (Market Basket, Ft Eddy) – May 2

You were shopping at Market Basket on Ft Eddy early Thursday afternoon. You have beautiful long black hair and were wearing all black- the stretch pants and boots were most notable. God damn you looked good! I’m older and would love to show you a good time!!

Waitress K (Concord) – April 29

I could have stayed all day. Thanks

Dunkin’ Donuts girl (Concord 3A) – April 29

You were overly friendly and your smile was memorable, tattoo on ur arm and long black hair, wearing ur Dunkin’ Donuts visor, hope you see this, I had a big beard, younger guy, respond to this maybe we can chat! I went thru drive thru around 610ish!

Concord PF (Concord) – April 28

I’m mid 30’s. You’re maybe early 40’s?

The car place (Concord) – April 26

Google told me this is the place for this sort of thing so I’ll give it a try. We were both waiting and I think and I hope you were trying to get my attention. You did. What do I look like and what were you wearing? I would love to talk.

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