Tasty Brews: Lawson’s Finest Liquids Sip of Sunshine from Dos Amigos

Lawson's Finest Liquids Sip of Sunshine IPA from Dos Amigos. JON BODELL / Insider staff
Lawson's Finest Liquids Sip of Sunshine IPA from Dos Amigos. JON BODELL / Insider staff

We’re pretty late to the party here, but when it comes to good beer, better late than never is the motto.

Sip of Sunshine, the mythical IPA from Vermont brewery Lawson’s Finest Liquids, has long been one of those beers aficionados have traveled to other states for – it was made in Connecticut and driven right through our state on its way to Vermont without ever stopping here. That all changed some time this past summer, when select stores and establishments started carrying it, often restricting how much could be bought at one time.

Dos Amigos has had it regularly for a little while now, and we finally got over there to give one a try.

First off, the hype around this beer largely surrounds its very hop-heavy flavor, and that hype is warranted. This is a very bright, sharply hoppy beer that actually goes down very smooth and with minimal bite. It drinks like a mellow New England IPA, but the hop flavor is as bright as any you’ll taste.

The beer is served in 16-ounce cans at Dos, and it’s a fine-looking can at that – easily recognizable from the opposite end of the store or the other side of the bar. Despite not having a wide glass to take in all that hoppy aroma, it was still easy to smell this beer’s lupulin-dominant hop blend with every sip.

This beer also sports a solid 8 percent alcohol by volume, which when delivered in 16-ounce cans is something to be cautious of. It’s such a tasty, juicy, smooth-drinking IPA that it can sneak up on you if you sip it too quickly.

With all of this said, while this is a great IPA, I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way for it considering how many other great beers are on the market. If you haven’t tried it yet, though, you should.

Author: Jon Bodell

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