Missed Connections: ‘Coffee rebel’ tries to connect with counterpart

It had been a while since we’d last plunged into the bowels of Craigslist to dig up some Missed Connections, but, alas, the time has come. The last time we ran them was in the beginning of October, and as you’ll soon see, there has been many a missed connection in Concord since then – many of them, interestingly enough, at either Walmart or a gas station of some sort.

As usual, these listings are printed completely unedited – spelling and grammatical errors and all. And as always, if you’re the subject of one of these posts or have ever had any success through Missed Connections, send an email to news@theconcordinsider and tell us your story.

Concord Walmart (Concord) – Nov. 27

We saw one another and exchanged looks near the front register……seemed like more. I think we were both looking for some male/male fun. hit me up and lets chat…..

Circle k/Irving in Concord at 2am (Concord) – Nov. 23


I was wearing a gold sweatshirt and you were wearing like a knitted cap. You commented on my license plate on the way out but I couldn’t hear you well and was distracted by the cashier. You seemed chill. Wish I heard the rest of what you said.. Hit me up?

Happy Thanksgiving!! (Concord NH) – Nov. 22

We were side by side yesterday 11/21 while waiting for the light going towards Manchester St at the Light by BK going south. You had Black hair and sunglasses

we were in a white GMC terrain wife was with me. You said(want to race) I said Happy Thanksgiving and smiled.

Beautiful blond in the Elf costume at the Concord X-mas parade (Concord) – Nov. 18

You were an older absolutely beautiful blonde Elf that was part of the Veterinarian group in the parade.

You were with a Golden Retriever that had one horn similar to the one in the Grinch movie/show.

You didn’t seem to be wearing a wedding ring so I’m hoping I might get to meet you.

Single male here in Concord. If you or someone that knows you reads this, I’m hopeful that you’ll get back to me!

Tucker’s Concord – Nov. 13

Natasha you were my server this morning. I was alone and sat in the corner by the window. You have a beautiful smile and those eyes are amazing. What a great way to start my day! Thank you! I’d love to chat if you’re interested. Tell me what hat I was wearing or what I had for breakfast so I know it’s you. Hope you see this.…

Concord hospital parking lot (Concord) – Nov. 7

You and I walked out together… and for some reason I feel like you work there. Are you a doctor by chance!

You are absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed chatting with you. You are tall and thin… and I saw you drive out of the lot… so i could tell you what you were driving.

I doubt you’ll see this , but if you do-Please reach out and say hi… let’s chat again!!!

Walmart, (Concord) 11/11/2018) – Nov. 11

Blue eyes, fit, with older gentlemen. very cute.

You were maybe in your early-mid twenty’s, you had very nice blue eyes, and I was in a blue/dark jacket, with a beard and iphones plugged away. I felt a little something when we made eye connect 🙂

Home Depot m4m (Concord) – Nov. 11

Tonight – saw you in line. Saw you outside – smiled as I drove off. Interested?


Beautiful brunette pumping gas at Cumby’s on Main St in Concord this m (Concord) – Nov. 7

You are a beautiful brunette that was pumping gas at the Cumberland Farms in Main St in Concord this morning about 8:30

You had on a black coat and you were driving a red/burgandy Nissan I believe.

I know you caught me looking at you and just wanted to say you took my breath away. You probably won’t ever see this but if by chance you do, I would love to meet you!

Take care

Getting worried GJ from Concord (WEARE) – Nov. 5

I have this hunch that you’re not okay. I don’t know why, it’s been bothering me for a few days now. I texted you, sent you an e-mail and you have not responded. I wish you would just have the courtesy to let me know you are okay. That’s all I am asking of you. It’s just a feeling that is overwhelming me for some odd reason. If you’re not okay please let me know. If you are okay I think you at least owe me an explanation as to why you have totally vanished. I have never done anything to harm you and never would.

At work (Concord) – Nov. 5

You just have no idea how bad I want you.

That smile… that look in your eyes. It’s too bad that you’re in a position much higher than I am.

It would be breaking a rule.

A girl can dream though.

Blue Oyster Cult (Concord) – Nov. 4

You were up front at BOC in Concord last night for the encore. We both almost snagged a guitar pick, but I insisted you keep it. We chatted a bit about how many shows we’d seen. You seem really cool.

You walk towards the Federal building in Concord in the morning. (Concord) – Oct. 31

I see you walking toward the Federal building in Concord when I’m taking my son to his school.

You have Sandy blonde hair and wear glasses. You had in a silver/grey coat on this morning. I’m wondering if you you’re as nice as you are beautiful?

Don’t know your relationship status, but would love to meet you regardless. Single dad here hoping to hear back from you!

Coffee Rebel in Concord (Cumbies) – Oct. 30

Met you this morning when we decided to rebel. Let me know what we did so I know it’s you.

Where are you? (Concord) – Oct. 27

Where are you? Why can’t a woman just be cool, casual and fun loving. I can’t find you but I want to. I’m ready.

You and me (Concord) – Oct. 24

You: blonde woman, sexy as hell with a personality to match and ready to have fun.

Me: brunette man, average build and chill.

Reach out.

Boys and Girls Club-M4W (Concord) – Oc. 17

You worked at the boys and girls club over the summer and seen you in passing a few times since the summer ended. There and at cms. We’ve said quick hello’s but would love to have coffee sometime. Maybe you’ll see this or next time I’m asking you for your number! Lol…you look great btw 😉

cashier (concord walmart) – Oc. 13

hope you see this. i was in the walmart buying a movie tonight and our paths crossed. our eyes met a few times and i really wanted to ask if you wanted to come watch some movies with me tonight. it was very busy so i didn’t want to bother you but i hope you find this.i’m sure you might get out late and thats is fine i will be up late watching the movies. hope to hear from you

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  1. MMM, you are so hot in my eyes if you only knew it. You drive a gorgeous Dodge Charger but it is not the car, it is your personality, your looks, and your smile. This brown eyed female with a dimple just finds you simply irresistible.

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  2. Mr. Charger you are absolutely, positively, handsome would love to connect and spend time with you. I know you like to work out and you are possibly a C.O. but you are just cute and that new mustache adds a cute touch. You are adorable, I just love your face and eyes.

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