Missed Connections: Eye contact, a compliment and former loves

You may have heard that Craigslist recently shut down its personals section in response to the passing of H.R.1865, an anti-online sex trafficking bill.

As you can imagine, we were rather concerned that this would put a real damper – or rather end – to this here monthly Missed Connections report as we all know and love it.

But much to our surprise, the Missed Connections listings were not included in that personals-section dump and are still alive and well under the community heading. Hoorah!

So it’s back to business as usual around here, which means you will soon find all the Missed Connections posts from the month of March – minus the ones that we couldn’t print for a variety of obvious reasons. Just think about it.

And as always, we are still looking for a couple of crazy kids who found love through a missed connections post. If that’s you, send us all the juicy details along with the original post.

Girl in front of library – March 28

I saw you staring my direction from a ways away while riding my bike in traffic…..as I got closer I waved and we made eye contact and you waved back with a smile. Thought about turning around, but didn’t…..

Maybe you’ll think to check here, but I doubt it.

Shannon cuberland farms concord (m4w) – March 19

Long shot but I posted here and you responded we ended up hooking up a few times in your suv I was a lot younger haven’t heard from you in a long time and have been thinking about you lately hope you see this and respond I used to work right down the street from you while you were at Cumberland farms saw you everyday say hi 🙂

We spent St. Pat’s Day at yout in-laws…. (m4m) – March 18

I’ve run into you a few times lately and keep getting a vibe from you. Last night we were at your in-laws for St. Pat’s Day with a zillion of your in-laws family. I’m older than you big time. I’d love to fool around with you. Am I right about the vibe? What town were we in? Where did I run into you time before last Where did I invite you to? Kinda hoping you see this soon.


Hannafords Concord thurs 3/15 ~9:45pm (m4w) – March 16

I passed by you when you popped out from around the corner on my way to the register in the natural food section in front of that wall of protein/snack bars. I had a cammo ski jacket with a black hoodie underneath and a red hat on. You had a black winter coat and long curly looking black hair tied back in a tail and you were holding a shopping basket? I quickly looked away after we locked eyes because I thought you were extremely beautiful and I’m awkward

Well anyway, you probably have a boyfriend and are too classy to be reading this but here’s to hoping Maybe we’ll bump into each other another time seeing as we almost did this time.


Will I ever move on? (w4m) – March 16

We met on a different site. Both of us married to others. When I met you I wasn’t sure if we were right for each other. Very quickly you filled my heart with love. Our connection was unreal. Never has any guy made me feel so safe. Your tattoo’d arms wrapped around me as I rested my head on your chest. I’m sorry I had to tell you I couldn’t hear from you anymore. It was to painful to hear from you and then not hear from you wondering if we’d ever be together for good. I want so badly to reach out to you but just know that your always on my mind. I only wish we had gotten the anchor and the compass tattoos.


JA… ..n – March 12

We met on OK Hookup, had drinks. You said you loved by breasts, as your (separated) wife was flat. I promised I would call you but my phone with your number, was stolen. I hope you see this

Tonight Tj Maxx (w4m) – March 10

Thanks for your help 🙂

Maybe I’ll run into you again sometime. If you reply tell me what you helped me with.


Main St Crosswalk (w4m) – March 9

You stopped to let me cross tonight, you rolled down your window as I passed. Only caught a glimpse of you as I turned around to acknowledge your compliment with a smile. Thank you, you made my week!

Shaw’s (m4w) – March 4

Saw you ( DEB ) at Shaw’s today and give you a hug.

Wish I wasn’t in a hurry so I could stop and chat for a bit.

Hope you this, or hope I see you again.


Red arrow Concord (m4m) – March 1

Handsome guy in a black carhartt shirt. We made eye contact and smiled. Let me know what I was wearing

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