Welcome to one of our tastiest issues ever

So if the mouth-watering slices of pepperoni on the cover didn’t give it away, this here issue is chock full of information about pizza.

It could very well go down as one of the tastiest Insiders in history.

We love pizza and we know that most – if not all – of you feel the same about the saucy, cheesy creation. So we figured why not get out there in typical Insider fashion and cover the different aspects of a meal that can really cover all four major food groups, if you’re so inclined.

We always knew that Concord was home to many spots that specialize in the round-shaped food in a box. And with only so much time in the day and space in the paper, we obviously couldn’t get to every pizza shop for a taste-test. Well, we probably could have, but that will have to wait for another issue on another day. It sure would be delicious, though.

Unfortunately, when you start talking about pizza in this area, you soon realize there are some great Insidery story options out there. Some we just couldn’t pass up and others we just didn’t end up having the right amount of space for.

So you’ll soon find a comprehensive list of places to order from with all the appropriate contact info. You’ll learn about the inaugural event we’re putting on in March on Pi Day, The Pizza Pie Showdown, where a number (to be determined) of local pizza makers will be on hand for a chance to be labeled best of the Capital Region. And if you buy a ticket, you’ll be one of the judges that will decide which pie was most worth the price of admission.

We caught up with some local food people to find out their level of love for pizza, got a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Donatello’s Super Dominator, and ate our very first breakfast pizza.

In the midst of our travels, we even came across a few slices on the gas station circuit.

While we would have loved to have visited and learned the inner workings of each shop, that just wasn’t going to happen.

But we can tell you things like Vinnie’s Pizzaria is the oldest pizza place in town, having opened in 1958. And it’s got some great sports memorabilia on the walls.

If slices are your thing, then you can find them at most of the places listed to the right, but Sal’s is on a level by itself.

Each day, they have more than 25 combinations available that you’re sure to find something you haven’t tried.

Constantly Pizza is the only local place to have more than one location (at least when we’re talking within the city limits) on both South Main and right on the edge of Penacook. And don’t forget they make heart-shaped pizzas for Valentine’s Day.

Penacook actually has three spots when you add in Donatello’s and Chief’s Place.

We can go on and on – like how CC Tomatoes makes its pizza in a high-heat brick oven – because each one has their own unique characteristics.

And we’re sorry if this makes you scrap your dinner plans and order up your favorite pie. Once pizza is on the brain, there’s only one cure.

Author: Tim Goodwin

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