Hopes and dreams for 2018 in Concord

We’re fully into 2018 now, and while it’s still early, this is the perfect time to start thinking about some things we hope to see in Concord in the year ahead.

As you may be well aware, we tend to have some pretty lofty, ambitious ideas around here, but that’s why they pay us the big bucks. As we prepare for the rest of the months of 2018, here are some things we’re looking forward to seeing, doing, hearing or in any way experiencing in our capital city.

More craft beer

Believe it or not, we’re pretty big fans of fine adult beverages. That’s why we’d love to see some more options to taste some around here. With the ever-rising popularity of microbreweries Lithermans Limited and Concord Craft Brewing Co., this city is gaining more and more of a reputation as a beer destination.

So why stop with these two brewpubs? There’s plenty of room in this city for more of these operations, if you ask us, and competition is good for everybody.

More live music

If there’s anything we hold in as high regard as craft beer, it’s live music. While there are all kinds of options to catch live music almost every night around here, who says we can’t get more?

In particular, we’d like to see more outdoor, festival-type shows. Perhaps the library can add more dates to its popular Live Music on the Lawn series? Maybe the Rock On Fest continues to expand and add more big-name acts? Maybe the city could even host some low-key music events in places like Rollins, White or Keach parks, to name a few, featuring one or two bands just jamming for a couple of hours.

Adult play place

Inspired by the inflatable shop of fun known as V.I. Party Rentals Entertainment Center (better known as the bouncy house place at Steeplegate Mall), we have a grand vision of an adult version of the same thing. And by adult we don’t mean anything inappropriate – just a funhouse-type place meant for those over 18.

We imagine a place with high-pressure bounce houses that let you catch serious air with each jump, a virtual reality gaming center in one area, an American Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course, an area for hardcore dodgeball and capture the flag, and, of course, all the beer you could want on tap.

We’re sure there’s a spot open in the mall somewhere where someone could turn this into a reality.

Communal cars

In some big cities, communal rental bikes are all the rage. You just find one of the dozens of bike racks around the city, swipe a credit card and ride off, returning it to any approved rack in the city whenever you’re ready.

Concord should do this with automobiles. There could be designated areas all over the city where people could just walk up, swipe a card, hop in and drive off. There could be everything from Priuses to Corvettes, and like a hotel stay, your card wouldn’t be charged until you were ready to return the car.

Here’s to hoping!

Author: Jon Bodell

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