Book of the Week: ‘Mr Campion’s Fault’

Mr Campion’s Fault

Mike Ripley

2016, 243 pages

Fiction – Mystery

Albert Campion has retired from detecting, he says. But he can’t seem to stop looking into mysteries. His son Rupert and daughter-in-law Perdita travel north to Yorkshire to help at a boys’ boarding school. Rupert is to coach the rugby team and Perdita will teach English and direct a musical of Dr. Faustus. There has been some strange happenings in the area. The senior English master was killed in a road accident one night. But was it an accident or a murder? A local family has a poltergeist that rattles the dishes on the shelves, but not every night. And the local witch claims she cannot help with the matter. Campion travels up to Yorkshire to see what he can find out.

The rough mining village of Denby Ash usually keeps to its own, but Campion has a charming way of getting people to talk. And he soon has an idea about the English master’s death, a rash of safe robberies, and what the witch is hiding.

Mike Ripley does an excellent job of continuing Margery Allingham’s Campion tales. If you like Margery Allingham’s or Dorothy Sayers’s mysteries, you should give this a try.

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