We gave Megan her first official assignment

Megan Marshall / Insider internWe sent our summer intern, Megan Marshall, out on her first assignment last week. And she came back with a bunch of great photos for us to use.
First stop: The Contoocook River Canoe Co. (MEGAN MARSHALL / For the Insider)

Just over a week on the job and I receive my first assignment.

With very little time to get from my summer job (the one I actually get paid for) to the first of three photo shoots, I was darting from one thing to another.

My first stop on my first solo adventure was the Contoocook River Canoe Company. I pull into the driveway trying to catch the canoeing group before they finish for the day, so I hop out of my car and make my way up to a staff member. Just my luck, I missed them. So I took some pictures of the canoes and where you launch from shore instead and I was off to part two of my afternoon – the West End Trail at Carter Hill Orchard.

But my GPS had other ideas. Instead of leading me to Carter Hill, it brought me to someone’s house. Keep in mind that I’m not the best with directions, especially in that part of Concord, therefore I was following my GPS. Thankfully I didn’t rely only on its instructions because the people who lived in that house probably wouldn’t want a surprise visitor in their backyard looking for a trail head.

Once I got to Carter Hill, I did a little hiking and photo taking and was off to catch some swimming.

Just a short drive down the road was Garrison Park. It was a hot day with plenty of people splashing around in the pool. And for the record, I didn’t get lost this time.

All in all, a pretty successful first assignment. Every place I made my way to adds excitement to my experience at the Insider.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store next.

Author: Megan Marshall

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