Look who’s trying to find love on craigslist

We took to craigslist last week to see who had been posting on the missed connections pages in our neck of the woods. And lo and behold, we found all these great entries. So here’s a sampling of what we found and could print, unedited, of course.


Redhead from Lifeline Ambulance – m4w (Concord)–May 29

You are a hot, curvy redhead EMT from Lifeline. I’ve seen you in the ambulance bay at Concord Hospital a few times. You have a great smile. I work for another ambulance service. We’ve said hi in passing. And talked about being busy and other small talk.


Beautiful blonde in pharmacy at Rite Aid in Concord – m4w (Concord)–May 26

To the blonde woman behind the pharmacy that rang me out first thing this morning (and many times in the past). It always makes my day when I get to pick up from you. You have eyes that I have to stop myself from looking into for too long, and a smile that’s so friendly and genuine.

I’ve never posted one of these, and I doubt you will see it, but I wanted to put out there, that I always enjoy our brief interactions. If by some chance you do see this; you and I talked about something at the register this morning…. what was it? I would love to buy you coffee or dinner and get to know you if circumstances allow.


Super cuts Concord NH – m4w (Loudon rd)– May 21

The cute curly redhead that cut my hair, and I bought some wax off of… single? Your cute… you had an allergy, to jog your memory… hope you see this.


fisherville Dunkins – m4w (penacook)–May 20

i held the door for you,you held the door for me and then i said ladys first, you said its a beautiful day for ridin, it would have been better if you were riding with me sexy woman if you see this and want to reply tell me what color and make my motorcycle is, are you married or single??? i didnt notice i was busy looking at you !


I saw you at walmart. T. I. M. – w4m (Concord)–May 19

I will never forget you. I saw you standing there, you cracked a joke with your coworker; your laugh was intoxicating. I got closer, and I saw your face. Beautiful eyes, and a handsome smile. A couple of scars that I need to know the story behind. How I hope you read these.


You were working at Concord Dunkin early Sunday AM – m4w (Concord)–May 16

You were running the drive thru window early on Sunday morning at the Dunkin on South Main St. You served me and I was lying if I didn’t think that we were making a lot of eye contact while you got my order. You have a very unique piercing.

Not sure if you felt the connection or not.


Concord Longhorn – w4m–May 16

Youre a waiter, tall, handsome, and a flirt. I’d like to get to know you and find out if you’re single.

If you read this, respond with your first name and last initial. It was on my receipt. 🙂


Market Basket Thursady 5/12 – m4w (Fort Eddy RD)–May 13

I saw you walking across the parking lot and it took my breath away. I glanced over in your direction in appreciation of what I saw and you looked back. I turned back to driving and something told me to look back your way and you were still looking at me. I found a parking spot as fast as I could but when I went to look for you, you were gone. I was driving a red pick up. you were wearing reddish shorts and matching top with orange or yellow pattern. A “jumper” is what I think it’s called. I hope you see this. Someone that takes my breath away at first glance is something to go unmissed.


Hannaford tues afternoon – m4w (Concord)–May 10

I passed you a few times at Hannaford this afternoon. Shopping is normally a drag but your smile made it a little more pleasant. I hope I run into you again sometime!


93N to 89-Black Jeep – m4w (bow and hooksett)–May 5

Thursday around 2:45 or 3pm. I was driving next to you from the 93/293 merge until you exited at 89N. You were in a black jeep and you had a cute smile. Thanks for making my commute more enjoyable! Hit me back with a message describing my car if you happen to read this!


Dicks sporting goods Concord – m4w (Concord)–May 4

I’m such a bone head. I was checking out at Dicks sporting goods today may forth and the blonde working the front register where they do the fishing license. You were super cute and very friendly. I choked up and when I left I was like why didn’t I ask her out. Well if I’m lucky maybe you’ll see this. Tell me what we talked about in Chichester cause I would love to take you out.


Concord Walmart Saturday 4/30 – m4w (Concord) –May 2

Hi, we spoke in the checkout line of the concord walmart in the afternoon for a few minutes, you seemed really nice and were very attractive. Not sure if you are interested in talking more but if so, please let me know. Just so I know it’s you, tell me about what we talked about, or items in my cart or anything you can think of.


brunette with ‘love’ sweats at PF in Concord – m4w (concord)–May 2

Have seen you working out at PF in Concord several times with your cute redhead friend also. Just wanted to say that you were looking incredibly hot today at lunchtime with LOVE sweats. Keep up the great work – both of you!

Author: Insider staff

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