Well, the first edition of ‘Insider’ Trivia didn’t quite go as planned

That’s okay, though, we forgive you


We don’t really ask a lot out of you. Just answer the phone when we call, read the paper each week and send us cookies every once in a while.

So we never thought a little Insider trivia would be too much for you. We figured “Hey why not test their Insider knowledge from 2015 and see what kind of responses we get?”

We thought we’d at least get a couple emails with a mixture of funny, correct and odd ball answers, but not a single one came across our desk.

That’s okay though, we assume it either had to do with the craziness of the holidays, there were simply too many questions or you just couldn’t think of anything funny to say. It’s not as easy as we make it look – trust us. The lack of prizes probably didn’t help either.

But we still wanted to give you the answers, so here they are.

∎ How long did it take Tim to finish the Taco Gigante Challenge? 55 agonizingly delicious minutes.

∎ How many miles did the St. Paul’s School bikers ride during their summer cross-country trip? 3,835, from Anacortes, Wash., to Portsmouth, in 47 days this summer. You remember summer, right?

∎ How many gallons of water spilled out during the Main Street water main break? 1.6 million gallons. At the time, we reported that would fill all seven of the city pools – twice. Yeah, it was that much water.

∎ How many flavors of ice cream did we try at Arnie’s Place? 15. We have a picture of the taster spoons to prove it.

∎ What would Matt Bonner do if he didn’t play in the NBA? This is what Bonner had to say, “I’d like to think I’d be like a mashup DJ, like Girl Talk, but maybe something in finance.” It would be way cooler to be a mashup DJ, though.

∎ How many walking trails are in Concord? 24. And no we haven’t completed them all.

∎ How long has Quality Cash Market’s Tony Heath been cutting meat for? 50. That’s half a century.

∎ What kind of soup did Tim make in the Soup Issue? Buffalo chicken soup. (With some help from his lovely wife, Mary, and adorable daughter Sophie.)

∎ Who made a bib for Princess Charlotte? Janet Ulbrich. She got a nice letter, in an envelope marked as official Royal Mail, thanking her for the gift. Ulbrich also sent one for Prince George, but it was returned, which she thought was due to her inclusion of a business card. She didn’t send one this time.

∎ What’s Jon’s go-to-snack? Dunkin’ Donuts coffee

∎ Who was named Miss Capital Area Outstanding Teen? Brooke Mills

∎ What did Tim do for a job during the Granite United Way’s Day of Caring? Wash windows at Girls Inc. And he did one heck of a job if you ask us – or at least Tim.

∎ Where did Keith go when he left the Insider? Keith became the new senior content producer at the UNH School of Law.

∎ What Monitor photographer did we follow during the Photography Issue? That would be Liz Frantz. But readers probably recognize her as Elizabeth. Either way, she’s good at her job.

∎ What did Jon color at the library’s adult coloring night? A Winnie the Pooh scene.

∎ How much money did Concord Making Strides raise this year? $466,871, bringing the total raised to more than $7 million since the first Concord event.

∎ What did Jon carve into his pumpkin? The State House dome. It’s actually still hanging out in the pod.

∎ How many points did Tim score in the NHTI charity wheelchair basketball game? That would be two. And it came on a fast wheel down the lane.

∎ How many library cards did the library issue during National Library Card Month? 357, which earned them the Library Card Challenge trophy after handing out more cards then the seven other N.H. libraries in the competition.

∎ What is the name of Pedro Pimentel’s movie that played at the SNOB Film Festival? The Priest. It was shot at Kimball- Jenkins.

∎ About how many meals does Meals on Wheels serve each day? This question didn’t come out quite as we anticipated. It was supposed to say, “How many homes in Concord do they serve each day?” And that’s 350.

∎ What local artist had some of their work donated to the city? Melissa Anne Miller. And if we want to get technical, there were four paintings – one of which currently hangs in the Audi.

∎ How many recycling bins are there now on North Main Street? 12.

∎ What are some of the items we found during our walk with Amy Moffett (the woman who picks up trash on her walks)? Answers such as a plate, green plastic pot for planting, energy chew wrapper and empty vodka bottle would be acceptable, as well as a few others.

∎ How many pounds of turkey were cooked during the Concord High School special education Thanksgiving feast? 47.

∎ What was the name of our gingerbread submission for the Presidential Oaks contest? Insider Land, of course. It was pretty good for one that we put together in a couple hours.

∎ What will be the new weight limit of the Sewalls Falls Bridge? 45 tons, slightly up from the previous bridge’s weight limit of 3 tons.

∎ How many toys did the Concord Regional Technical Center collect for Toys for Tots? During the student toy drive, the 10 programs combined to bring in 78 toys. But the money they collected added 46 more toys to the total.

∎ How many issues were there of the Insider this year? 52, because that’s how many weeks are in a year.

Author: The Concord Insider

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