Ladies and gentlemen, meet Miss Capital Area’s Outstanding Teen

We’ve confirmed her outstandingness


It’s not every day that you get the chance to talk to a real-life beauty queen. So when we got word that we had one right here in Concord, we had to jump at the opportunity.

Brooke Mills, 16, a junior at Concord High, was recently named Miss Capital Area’s Outstanding Teen. She was able to squeeze us into her celebrity-like schedule to answer a few questions.

How did you get into this?

I was adopted into the Miss America system because my mother was Miss New Hampshire 1995. Right now I compete in the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen program for ages 13 to 17. I absolutely love this program and the scholarships you can earn from it.

Have you ever done something like this before?

This coming February at the state pageant, Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen, it will be my fourth year participating. I have placed all three years as second runner-up, third runner-up and first runner-up. Hopefully taking home the crown this year!

What do you like about it? Anything you don’t like?

I absolutely love meeting the other contestants, the appearances I get to make, the local “celebrity status” that comes with the title and the scholarship money especially. This program helps young girls in so many ways, such as interview preparation for jobs, role models through the pageant and talent practice, which I am very thankful for. Only thing I wish for is the pageant to be longer! This journey has gone by so fast and so does pageant weekend!

Did you know anyone else competing before the event?

This year my younger sister Emilee Mills will be competing with me. Throughout the year you also meet the contestants at rehearsals at other pageants and through social media.

What will you do with all your newfound fame and power?

This year I hope to attend Concord events, talk on the radio shows about my concussion story, which is also my platform and find more sponsors for this program throughout my year. Visit schools and the Concord Public Library to read to children and represent the capital area at Miss New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen!

What does it mean to you to be named Miss Capital Area’s Outstanding Teen?

It truly is such an honor. I’m very excited to be a part of the Concord holiday parade due to this title and be representing my home state when I am making appearances throughout the state.

Any hidden talents?

I don’t know if you’d call it a talent . . . but I’ve got 12 laughs!

Favorite snack food?

Sweet potato chips!!

What are your goals for the future?

First graduate Concord High School and hopefully become a chiropractor just like my mother. I really love that the job involves helping people each day.

When you’re not putting on fancy dresses and competing to be the best teen in the capital area, what else do you like to do (hobbies, likes, passions)?

I love reading and I am a junior in high school, so there’s a lot of homework involved in being a student. Unfortunately I can’t participate in any sports due to my traumatic brain injury about a year and a half ago. But these days to keep myself physically fit I have been boxing at Title Boxing Club, and weightlifting with my family. I love my family for all their support. I also find cooking and (gluten-free) baking to be so fun to let my creativity run freely!

Any responsibilities come with the title?

I don’t know if this responsibility comes with the actual title but for myself I feel like I am responsible and being a good role model for youth. I know how important it is and how much children can look up to me because of this title.

Is it a fierce competition where no one talks to each other, or do you all get along?

No, we definitely all get along. During this pageant I left with so many new friends and lots of new phone numbers. I’m really thankful for these contestants because we all really create a family and support each other. I was so excited and very thankful that my fellow contestants voted me as Miss Congeniality. That really shows that we support and care about each other.

How do you decide what to wear? Do you spend hours looking through your closet?

It’s not usually that hard. I usually take a family vote and my vote into consideration. This year I wore a pink velvety gown which I felt beautiful in. I also picked out all of my wardrobe the night before the pageant, probably not the best idea!

What advice would you give to future contestants?

Come join us! The teen pageant is ages 13 through 17 and in the Miss America organization 17 through 24. It’s an amazing program that awards about $3 million in scholarships each year!! Keep calm and be confident in yourself and what you are capable of.

Will you be looking to defend your title next year?

Unfortunately I can only be Miss Capital Area’s Outstanding teen once! And this is my last year in the teen pageant before I age into the Miss New Hampshire pageant! I can’t wait!

Were you surprised when they called your name?

Honored and surprised! It was such a great day that I was happy with the outcome either way!

Where did you decide to display your crown?

So far in my crown box waiting for the next appearance to be made! It might become my Christmas tree topper come December!:)

Author: The Concord Insider

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