Lucas Gallo pretty much wrote the book on booking live musicians

Lucas Gallo won’t take the bait. Feed him a couple loaded questions about ego and taste and precedence within the Concord music community and he won’t simply deflect his answers, he’ll defend his fellow musicians and the club owners for their earnestness and ego-free sensibilities. No wonder Lucas Gallo is one of the most sought after booking/promotion guys in the area. He isn’t just good at what he does. He’s also got your back.

SoundCheck caught up with Gallo recently for a Q&A, so, here it is.

It really has become a “scene” now, this whole Concord music thing. What stands out to you about the last few years?

What has really become evident over the years is the outstanding community of musicians and fans (one and the same in many instances, which is another piece of what makes the “scene” cool) that keep the “scene” alive, moving and grooving. It’s an organism. An amoeba. Always changing shape and sound, but always in existence. It ebbs and flows. It takes energy to get local music heard and right now there’s a good deal of energy. There’s energy in the musicians, energy in the fans, growing energy in the venues, a local music movement.

Is it hard not to play favorites to your fellow Concord musicians when you’re booking a show? You played the bars here. There must be a Golden Circle of townies that expect some precedence.

I can honestly say that I don’t think I have ever worked with a fellow musician through booking that expects any level of precedence, nor do I think would work with them if they felt they were “due” any sort of precedence. One of the great aspects of this community of musicians is that there is a spirit of cooperation that is cultivated. From the open mics to the late nights, it’s a good ole time.

Does booking shows get in the way of you doing your thing, picking and writing?

I have always enjoyed the backroom, behind the scenes aspect of music. From being the booking agent for my former band Jamantics to booking for True Brew, Penuche’s, Market Days Homegrown Stage and the Rock ‘n’ Race and promotion through the Facebook page “Concord, NH Music Scene,” I love and have a real appreciation for organizing, coordinating, and listening to live, local music. I also enjoy being busy. I’m a Special Education teacher by day, I have a one year old son, River, a little girl on the way, an amazing fiancee, Summer, and I’m pursuing my Master’s degree, but none of these things get in the way of picking and writing, rather, they all contribute to the next idea, the next line, the next note.

Forget about the best show you’ve booked before, tell me about the biggest yet to come for you? What’s your vision for the Ultimate Show on Earth.

I wouldn’t presume to be able to produce the “Ultimate Show on Earth.” The ultimate show on Earth is a bunch of friends, a bunch of instruments and a campfire.

How much do you have to sell a “cover song free” show to a bar owner? And do they at times expect too much for too little from an act?

Heavy. This is a conversation that there isn’t room for here in sound bite form. I don’t think there is any need to sell a “cover song free” show to bar owners, at least not the ones that I’ve worked with, particularly Steph and Rob at True Brew and Jon Steiner (Manager) at Penuche’s. They are all huge supporters of live, original, local music and would prefer a great original show to a cover song show, though throwing in a few covers shows an appreciation for great music and is always enjoyable. There is a time and place for cover bands. As far as your second question, it’s tough to answer in a concise way. It’s a much larger conversation about expectations from both venues and bands. Sounds like a good topic for a certain local radio show.

What can a venue owner expect when they book a show through Lucas Gallo?

Professionalism, energy, and good, local, live music.

If you need to reach Gallo, here’s his info: Lucas Gallo, 318-6271,,

Booking: Market Days Homegrown Stage, Rock ‘n’ Race, Rock On Grant Committee, Thursdays at Penuche’s, True Brew Barista.

Author: Keith Testa

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