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Each week, City Manager Tom Aspell puts on his red, white and blue headband and ’80s basketball shorts and blares the Rocky theme before sitting down to write the city memo as fast as he possibly can. We could barey keep up!

Santa is totally real!

And he won a thing

Michael Santa, code administrator for the city of Concord, was named the Conference Honoree at the Eastern States Building Officials Federation’s annual educational conference, held April 12-14 in Portsmouth, Aspell writes. His prize was a plate of stale cookies and some warm milk.

More than 150 code officials, industry professionals, educators, product representatives and members of the International Code Council Board of Directors were on hand for the two-day event. Doesn’t it seem like locking that many code officials up in a room for two days is inviting a code violator free-for-all?

Mike is a past president of the ESBOF and the New Hampshire Building Officials Association, and is the current president of the International Code Council Region VI Northeast Region Coalition, and maybe a future president of the United States!

Drip drip

Check yo leaks

Did you know that a leak as small as the tip of a pen can waste approximately 6,300 gallons of water in just one month? And a leak of the same size can create an endless repeat of that annoying blooping sound in the bucket you put under it? Now that spring is here, be sure to check your sprinkler system for any leaks to help save water and, potentially, money off your water bill, Aspell writes. 

Nearly nine billion gallons of water are used daily across the U.S. for residential outdoor use, and about half of that is wasted due to wind, evaporation, chasing your little brother with the hose and runoff caused by inefficient irrigation system practices. As a WaterSense promotional partner, the city of Concord is encouraging members of the community to inspect their sprinkler systems; check their fixture connections; make sure their sprinkler heads are directed at plants, grass and flowers (instead of at the pavement, or your neighbor’s house); and to select a WaterSense labeled irrigation controller to water smarter with time-controlled irrigation. Visit for more information about water-efficient landscaping.

Author: Insider staff

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