We did some cool stuff this year, but we didn’t get to everything on our wish list

We have to admit, 2014 was a fun year.

It was the first full year of this Insider duo and did we ever make the most of it. From playing the longest mini golf hole in the world to hanging out for an afternoon with Matt and Luke Bonner and the NBA championship trophy to standup paddle boarding in the Merrimack, it sure was nice to have Insider status around town.

But there’s always room for improvement, so instead of making a list of New Year’s resolutions (which we did last year) we decided to provide all of you with the things we wish we had done during the past 12 months.

∎ Taken more selfies with the Sewalls Falls Bridge (we’ll miss you, buddy.)

∎ Attended more events with free food.

∎ Eaten more free food.

∎ Finished the full Insider Man costume and debuted it at Halloween Howl.

∎ Challenged the entire Monitor staff to pour icy water over their heads. Wait, is this a thing that other people have done?

∎ Performed a duet with Dan Zanes.

∎ Met Dan Zanes.

∎ Found one Missed Connection that actually worked out.

∎ Found ourselves mentioned in the Missed Connections.

∎ Convinced the bosses to let us publish our “100 best recipes you can make using actual Insider pages” issue.

∎ Answered at least one question correctly before the Concord High Granite State Challenge team buzzed in. Man, were they quick.

∎ Finished making that giant monocle for the huge 3-D eyeball in Tom Devaney’s studio.

∎ Hung out with Sue Chandler more often. She is one heck of a baker (and she likes to let us sample things).

∎ Took the year off.

Author: Insider staff

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