Chad Beane prescribes the perfect remedy for ‘Insider’ withdrawal

Don’t make Chad Beane bust out the white lab coat at home, kids.
Don’t make Chad Beane bust out the white lab coat at home, kids.

Name: Chad Beane

Owner of Granite State Pharmacy, formerly Modern Pharmacy, at 5 Clinton St. Beane and his family took over the business last summer and remodeled the store.


How long have you worked in pharmaceuticals? How did you get started in the business? Fifteen years. And that’s a question that I have always had a hard time answering. I’m really not sure. The closest pharmacist that I knew growing up was John Richards (a friend of my grandfathers) who owned Story Drug, an independent pharmacy in downtown Laconia for many years. So, I figure if I have to blame someone for getting me in to this business, it might as well be him.


We know you run another pharmacy in New Hampshire. How has the transition to Concord been for you? The transition to Concord has been a great experience. The Kirsch family (who operated the Modern Pharmacy) had a great core of pharmacy customers who have been very supportive to my wife and me during the transition and subsequent store remodeling. So, for that we would like to say, “thank you.”


What are a few of your favorite places/businesses/restaurants in Concord? My son, Lucas, and daughter, Kathryn, are big fans of Krazy Kids, and my wife, Heather, loves shopping in all the small shops in downtown Concord. As for a restaurant, it would be wise of me to say Margaritas, as it was where my wife and I had our first date some 15 years ago.


What should customers know about the pharmacy? What’s changed? What’s stayed the same? We have undergone numerous cosmetic changes, and have updated many of our systems to become truly “modern.” We have relocated the pharmacy from its high perch in the back to floor level out front, where we find it easier to interact with our customers. We have extended our Saturday hours, added a medication adherence program (Dispill), currently offer flu and shingle vaccinations and now accept more insurance plans, like New Hampshire Medicaid and Medicare Part D plans to better serve our customers. Probably the biggest change is all the new merchandise we now carry. We have quite an assortment of over the counter pharmacy items, durable medical equipment, greeting cards and gift items, including Willow Tree, Crabtree & Evelyn, Kringle Candles and even Cashmere scarves. Customers have been pleasantly surprised by our new look while happy to see many of the same “old” faces! Many people were afraid of the change. But, I believe they have come to find that we are still an independent, family-owned neighborhood pharmacy just like the one they have known and loved throughout the years … and just maybe, now a little more complete. 


Debunk a few myths about independent pharmacies for us. More often than not we are not more expensive than the chains. The insurance companies are the ones who set the copays that patients pay and not the inpidual pharmacies. We often hear from customers who have “price shopped” that we have the lowest over-all prices around. Sure, the chains will advertise low prices on some popular medications, but we keep all of our prices fair. You do not have to go to a big box store for selection. We have added numerous items to our shelves, in order that we would have everything you would expect to find in a full-service pharmacy. In the event that we do not have exactly what you are looking for, there is a very good chance we can get it for you the next morning. 


What would you prescribe to cure Insider withdrawal? (It’s tough to wait an entire week between issues!) That’s an easy one – a visit to the newly remodeled Granite State Pharmacy (yes, a shameless plug I just could not resist.)


Do you sometimes wear the white lab coat when making particularly complicated dinner recipes at home? No. Fortunately for my family, Heather does the cooking. The only time the white lab coat gets broken out at home is when the kids decide to undertake messy arts and crafts projects.


If you weren’t in pharmaceuticals, what would you be doing? If I was not a pharmacist, there is an above average chance of me being a mortician right now. That’s because Wilkinson-Beane funeral home has been owned and operated by my family since 1947, where my father and two brothers currently represent the 3rd and 4th generations of Beane’s caring for the families of Laconia and currently represent the Lakes Region. 


Hidden talent? My name and talent are not usually found in the same sentence. I do, however, enjoy golfing, playing basketball and really anything that has a little competition tied to it.


 Guilty pleasure? Unfortunately, the word relax has not been part of my vocabulary much since transitioning The Modern Pharmacy into Granite State Pharmacy last summer. Hopefully, this summer I can get back to enjoying time with my family at the ocean or lake, watching my children play sports and dance, or even possibly get a round or two of golf in. But, for the time being the books on tape that I listen to on my way to and from work will have to do.

Author: Keith Testa

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