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coming soon to a capitol center near you

Darlingside brings strings to Concord

The Insider caught up with string-rock quintet Darlingside last week to talk about the band's upcoming show at the Capitol Center for the Arts. They answered questions about their influences and plans for the future.Where does the name Darlingside come from?Harris Paseltiner (cello, guitar, vocals): There's… 0

February 15, 2011

Book of the week

concord public libraryFor more information about the Concord Public Library, visit UndertakingMark De Castrique2010, 232 pagesFiction 0

February 15, 2011
concord got cool when you weren't looking

The city that sometimes doesn't sleep

I don't want to belabor that old phrase about the sidewalks rolling up at 5 p.m., because usually, when you repeat old dead things, they take on more importance than they deserve. That old charmer really needs to be ignored into oblivion. Change is apparent here in Concord, and I for one, really appreciate and… 0

February 15, 2011
concord fables

Lions and tigers and rattlesnakes - oh my!

Gather 'round the fire, kiddies, it's time for some Concord Fables. The Insider dug up stories of Concord's legendary figures, and we think these historical heroes are every bit as exciting as Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett. Those guys just had better representation. We've taken these stories, with little… 0

February 15, 2011

Book of the week

Concord public libraryFor more information about the Concord Public Library, visit A Spy Keith Thomson 2010, 325 pagesFictionGenre novels rarely deviate from the standard formula, but in this new spy thriller, Keith Thomson has definitely taken the genre in a new direction. Charlie Clark has always believed his father has toiled away as a boring washing… 0

February 8, 2011
straight outta concord

SIG brings his signature style back to NHTI

The Crocker Center at New Hampshire Technical Institute was taken over by some hardcore hip-hop last week. Artists from Manchester's Frunt Runnaz Productions banded together with rising star and NHTI alumnus Ahntwan Harris, better known in the rap community as SIG, to put on what they called the first in the "SIG… 0

February 8, 2011

Move over, Bristol - the real stars are in town

"Don't judge us on the first run," Kaleena Guzman laughed.Guzman and her partner Steve Bessette hit Concord Dance Academy's open floor and got into their positions. "Ready?" instructor Jen Hamilton asked before hitting the play button.Ready or not, Ricky Martin's voice flooded the room.Guzman,… 0

January 25, 2011

Who was Doug Everett anyway?

Concord's first true hockey hero was Douglas Everett. One would be hard-pressed to cruise around Concord and not spy something named after Everett. The most notable, and most hockey-pertinent, is the Douglas N. Everett Ice Skating Arena. where the Concord High hockey teams play their home games.Everett was born… 1

January 25, 2011

The line-up

Sandy Brien (Havenwood-Heritage Height) and Tim Sink (Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce)Lynn Kilchenstein (NHTI) and Tom Raffio (Northeast Delta Dental)Amanda Grappone Osmer (Grappone Automotive Group) and Fred King (NHTI professor of business administration)Danielle Kronk (UNH School of Law) and Tom Aspell (Concord city manager)Kaleena Guzman (Red River Theatres) and Steve Bessette… 0

January 25, 2011
A&E Scene

David Kontak makes crazy music machines

David Kontak might be your next-door neighbor. His modest little home, tucked away on a sleepy cul-de-sac in south Concord, looks like a typical suburban settlement. Looking at it, you might think it holds a nice family with a dog that greets you at the door and paintings on the refrigerator from their kid's art… 0

January 18, 2011