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Underage party

On April 6 at 1:12 a.m., Master Police Officer Dick Scott responded to a Canton Circle apartment regarding an underage party.

According to Scott's report, when he arrived, Master Police Officer Jason Wimpey and Officer Charles Wroblewski were speaking with six individuals outside. Scott wrote that, from where he was standing, he could see numerous beer bottles and what appeared to be cups on the table set up for a drinking game.

The resident, Lance Dunham, 26, of Concord said to Scott "it's okay, everyone is of age," according to the report. Meanwhile, Wroblewski checked IDs, and two people told him that they were only 19, the report stated.

Scott wrote that he asked Dunham if anyone else was inside his apartment. Dunham said no, but then Scott saw a man walk out of a room off the kitchen. Scott went to the front door and asked the man to step outside, he wrote.

"At this point I was concerned Dunham may be lying to me in an attempt to hide underage people that had been drinking in his apartment," Scott wrote.

Scott told Dunham that he would have to check the apartment to make sure there was no one underage inside. As he opened the door, Dunham grabbed a hold of his right arm, Scott wrote. Scott moved his arm away and handcuffed Dunham.

Once the apartment was checked, Scott took Dunham to his police car, he wrote. While walking to the car Dunham asked "why are you arresting me?" According to the report, Scott explained that when Dunham grabbed him, that was simple assault. Dunham replied, "Look, I know I messed up, but can't we handle this another way?"

Dunham was transported to the police department where he was given a $2,000 personal recognizance bail. He is due in court May 4.

Wrong bed

On the morning of April 10, Master Police Officer Daniel Reilly was dispatched to Loudon Road to meet with a woman who had a man named Jeff sleeping inside her apartment.

Reilly wrote in his report that he met the woman at her friend's apartment in the same complex. The woman told him that Jeff was sleeping in her bed and that she did not want him there. She explained that she met the man, later identified as Jeffrey Schrempf, 30, of Nottingham, online through a friend, Reilly wrote.

According to the report, she said that Jeff arrived at her apartment the night before to hang out and have drinks with her and her friend. She told Reilly that Schrempf was "very drunk" and that around 4 a.m. she asked him to leave. She said that she and her friend walked Schrempf outside to the parking lot, locked her door and then went to sleep at her friend's apartment, Reilly wrote.

When Reilly asked the woman if she knew Jeff's last name, she said no. Reilly also asked if anyone else was drinking with her and her friend. She said no, Reilly wrote.

The woman told Reilly that she went back to her apartment around 10:45 a.m. and the door to her apartment had been forced open. She told Reilly that she went inside and saw Schrempf sleeping on her bed.

Reilly walked over to the apartment where Officer Katherine Marcos arrived on the scene. Reilly wrote that when he and Marcos got there, he saw the door to the apartment was open and there were broken pieces of wood lying on the ground. Reilly noticed that the locking piece of the deadbolt was on the ground.

Once inside the apartment, Reilly said he found Schrempf still sleeping in the woman's bed. Reilly wrote that there were several small scabs on Schrempf's nose and left side of his face. He added that Schrempf smelled strongly of alcohol. Reilly woke Schrempf up and asked him how he got into the apartment. Schrempf told him that he didn't know.

Around the same time, Marcos came into the room and told Reilly that no one else was inside the apartment. Reilly asked Marcos to get the woman so she could identify Schrempf as the same guy she was drinking with the night before. According to the report, the woman positively identified Schrempf. (next page »)


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