Dancing with the Concord Stars

John Duval and Stephanie Mills Concord police Chief John Duval and chiropractor Dr. Stephanie Mills form a duo that we like to call “Baby’s Got Backup.” They both confess to having minimal ballroom dancing training prior to this event, but they are ready to take on all comers. Duval said they are taking their training seriously – with a little fun along the way, of course. “It’s a wonderful community event that raises money in a fun and entertaining way,”said Duval. “I’m sure everyone will be fabulous!” said Mills.
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This annual dance competition is the centerpiece of NHTI’s Winter Fling fundraiser, which takes place
Jan. 26. We caught up with the Concord celebs who will be teaming up to cut the rug – for a good cause! We’d like to give a special shout-out to Michelle Johnson of Let’s Dance, Cindy Flanagan of Concord Dance Academy and Gen Woodward of Miss Gen’s Dance Studio, who trained this motley crew of dancers. Next up: train Keith in the forbidden dance (the Macarena).


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