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Each week, City Manager Tom Aspell goes to the farmers’ market, buys a whole bunch of local produce and whips up a delicious, healthy meal for everyone in town. Then he sits back and watches us eat it while he downs an entire hot fudge sundae to the dome! At least he writes out a city memo with the chocolate sauce.
Lending a Hand
Or at least practicing to
The Concord Fire Department Explorer Post teamed up with its counterparts in Manchester to receive training on rescuing persons who have fallen through ice, Aspell writes.
The Explorers – the people, not the movie. Is that a movie? – will not be used in actual rescues, but go through the training as an orientation to the demands of a career in the emergency services field. Besides, it’s really cold under the ice. The event received coverage from several news outlets, as well as Ice Rescue Quarterly (that’s not really a thing.)
Catching up
Fighting fire with firemen
During its annual awards ceremony Jan. 18, the Concord Area Trust for Community Housing honored the Concord Fire Department as its “Housing Hero of the Year,” Aspell writes. Who knew so many people were living at the fire station?
The award was presented for saving the Endicott Hotel from a major fire in freezing temperatures last February, and for the department’s ongoing efforts to protect the community’s housing stock.  Also, because they have really sweet trucks.
The award was accepted on behalf of all of the firefighters involved by Battalion Chief Bill Weinhold, who directed firefighting operations at the Endicott Hotel.
That’s a lotta millions
Bonds, refinanced bonds
On Jan. 16, the city sold $11.1 million in new bonds and refinanced $3.5 million of 2002 and 2004 bonds, Aspell writes.  The interest rate on the bonds is 1.81 percent. The total savings on the refinanced bonds is $363,838, enough for the city to purchase four gallons of oil.
Prior to the sale, Moody’s Investors Services affirmed the city’s bond rating of Aa1.  Moody’s cited the city’s healthy financial position, stable and diverse tax base, broad shoulders and ruggedly handsome jaw line and sound financial management as positive factors.


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