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Each week, City Manager Tom Aspell fills his lunch box with Oreo cookies and potato chips in hopes of making sweet first-day-of-school trades in the lunch room. But he gets hungry on the bus and eats all the cookies, leaving a trail of black crumbs that spell out the city memo. We’ve translated it for you here.

Wait, what?

You mean you’re not done?

Following up on the completion of work last fall, the city’s paving contractor will begin raising the utility castings along North State Street in preparation of the final pavement overlay, Aspell writes. The previous sentence is best read when preceded by an ominous dun dun DUN sound.

Work will begin on Sept. 17, and will take approximately three weeks to complete. The limits of work are from Abbottville Road south to Penacook Street. Construction message boards have been deployed and will provide up-to-date information on the paving schedule. The message boards enjoyed a deployment ceremony featuring plenty of hugs and tears.

Delays should be expected in this area, and motorists are advised to seek alternate routes when applicable. Or to buy a helicopter. Once this phase of the project is done, approximately four miles of the work program along the U.S. Route 3 corridor, including North State Street and Fisherville Road, will have been completed. At that pace, completion of the entire project is on target for the year 2714. Efforts in the Penacook section, along Village Street, are under way.

Insane in the membrane

That’s bridge rap, yo

The utility infrastructure project in Penacook will continue this week with drainage and sewer manhole installations occurring in the vicinity of Sanders Street and Tanner Street, Aspell writes. Liberty Utilities will continue its gas main upgrade work, and is considering a Verizon-inspired program where you can upgrade your gas main every two years (we’d hold out until Apple releases one). Contractors Beck and Bellucci – which is not the name of twin labradoodles or the cover band you heard at Penuche’s last weekend – are expected to begin the bridge deck membrane and expansion joint replacement work by the end of this week.

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