The SNOB takes Concord, again

The SNOB Film Festival rolls into Concord again this week, marking its 12th year.  And we at the Insider are happy to once again be your guide to the show. At this point, we’d like to ask you to silence all cell phones and keep conversations to a hush.

Not only is the SNOB Festival back, it comes with a new focus on indie film, music and beer. That’s a cant-miss trio!

The festival opens with a craft brew tasting, features live music at three local venues, and highlights several films with themes based around music and beer. 

As usual, there’s something for everyone. So take a peek at the schedule and pick out your favorite flicks. Don’t be afraid to try something new, either. Read on for ticket prices and a complete schedule.

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Tickets and passes:

Tickets can be purchased at Red River Theatres Box Office or Online at 

Friday Day Pass – $20

Saturday Day Pass – $35

Sunday Day Pass – $25

F,S,S Festival Pass (Includes all films and events Friday, Saturday, & Sunday) – $55

Saturday Morning Kids Event (KNOB) $1 tickets at the door

All other tickets $7.50


Thursday, Nov. 7

5 p.m. – Craft beer tasting at the Concord Coop

Six local independent craft breweries will be part of the beer tasting at the Co-op from 5 to 7 p.m. The tasting will be followed by the film, Beer Hunter: The Movie, with a panel featuring renowned brewer Tod Mott, the original brewer and inventor of the Harpoon IPA. Breweries taking part in the tasting include White Birch Brewing, Henniker Brewing Co., Sebago Brewing Co., Great Rhythm Brewing Co., Smuttynose Brewing Co. and Tuckerman Brewing Co.

7:30 p.m.

Beer Hunter: The Movie/Good Ol’ Freda

10 p.m.

Previews and trailers; 

Filmage: The Story of 


Friday, Nov. 8

Noon – 30-minute Movies

Choice between Bulletproof or Blood Brothers, then switch theaters to watch Lost & Found or Devil May Care (pizza lunch included with ticket.)

2 p.m.

Indelible Lalita/ Pollicino

Animation Hotline 2013, De Rochemont, Diary of a MassHole Surfer, Growing Up is for Trees, How to do a Boston Accent,  Trail Climbs Sharply

4 p.m.

Discoverdale/Animation Hotline 2013

Short films about guns & the devil: Armed Defense, Desolate Road, Devil May Care, 

Hell to Pay, Only Fair, Valiant

6 p.m.

How to Make Movies at Home/

Love in the Time of Texting

Animation Hotline 2013, Beethoven’s Wig, Candles in Paradise, Diary of a MassHole Surfer, Pawn Takes Knight, Rocketship, The Whistler

8 p.m.

Swim Little Fish Swim/Time 2 Split

Twisted Tales: Capture, Desolate Road, Specimen 0625c, Steve From Accounting, The Boy Scout, The Janitor

9 p.m.

Live music at True Brew Barista: Mike Morris/ Halfway To Nowhere

10 p.m.


Saturday, Nov. 9

10:30 a.m. – Filmmaker Meet Up with the New Hampshire Film & Television Office

Free event. All are welcome.

KIDS EVENT: (Only $1) 

Beethoven’s Wig, Lost & Found, Slowly But Surely, The Chips Are Safe


922: From Academic Watch to Academic

WOW! Shuffle

Short student films block 1: 

A Coming Out Story (NHHSFF Winner), The Chips

Are Safe, The Whistler, Thicker Than Water

2 p.m.

The History of Future Folk/

Malk de Koijn: En gang

Short foreign films block: Capture, Diagnostic, Heat, Kayip, Le Train Bleu, Only Fair, Pollicino, Stop It, Time 2 Split

4 p.m.

How to Make Movies at Home/

Mark Lane: The King of Silence

Short student films block 2: Dust, Growing Up is 

for Trees, Shuffle, The Beauty of the World, Type 

Right, Steve From Accounting, The Boy Scout

6 p.m.

Swim Little Fish Swim/Stop It

Romance and relationships block: Charlie Hatch, Dust, Le Train Bleu, Love in the Time

of Texting,  Pawn Takes Knight

8 p.m.

Drinking Buddies/

Denali: Live Free or Die

Indelible Lalita/Vasariah: Children of the Sun 

9 p.m.

Live music

At the Barley House: Far From Close, Buffalo Plaid.

At True Brew Barista: Dusty Gray Band, Complete Unknowns, Lauren Hurley

At Penuche’s: Rippin’ E Brakes, Tuna Fish Discrepancy, Rachel Vogelzang

10 p.m.

The Madman Chronicles/

How to do a Boston Accent

??? Ending: Armed Defense, Dust, Guest House, Hell to Pay, How to do a Boston Accent, 

Tech Roulette

Sunday, Nov. 10

1 p.m.

The Upside Down Book

Short New Hampshire films block part 1: Candles in Paradise, De Rochemont, Figments of a Father, Shuffle, Tech Roulette

2 p.m.

Blue Like Jazz/Beethoven’s Wig

The final countdown block: Charlie Hatch, 

Guest House, Love in the Time of Texting, Rose, 

Mary and Time, Stop It,  Time to Split

4 p.m.

Filmage: The Story of  Descendents/All

We Govern We: Mulligan’s Island

Short New Hampshire films block part 2: A Coming Out Story, Rocketship, The Beauty of the World, The Janitor, Type Right, Trail Climbs Sharply

6 p.m.

Discoverdale/Quenttin: Miss Heria

Short films to say goodbye: Diagnostic, Figments of a Father, Kayip, Pollicino,Specimen 0625c, Thicker Than Water, Valiant

8 p.m.

Sound City

Music Videos & Awards

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