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Jason Wells
Jason Wells
Jennifer Kretovic
Jennifer Kretovic
Jessica Eshleman
Jessica Eshleman
Allison Grappone
Allison Grappone

Last week, the Insider got invited to a pretty cool event called Ignite. Its tagline? Enlighten us, but make it quick. It works like this: Each presenter is given five minutes to speak on a subject that’s important to them. The presentation can be about anything – a business plan, flying monkeys, alien invasions – whatever.
Each presentation is accompanied by 20 slides. Each slide is displayed for 15 seconds, and slides are automatically advanced. It’s fast-paced, fun and fascinating to learn about what gets young people in these parts excited.
The presentations, sponsored by the Concord Young Professionals and held in the fancy new New Hampshire Public Radio offices, were really interesting. There were nine presentations in all. In the interest of space, we had to narrow down our favorites to four. So, here they are:

Allison Grappone
Nearby Gift Registry

Allison Grappone shared her idea for a gift registry service that would unite local merchants. The “Nearby Registry Collaborative” would give Concord’s stores the same selling power as the Targets and Bed Bath & Beyonds, which monopolize the wedding and baby shower gift registry market simply due to the ease of registering online and the convenience of having many different gifts under same roof. Grappone’s idea is one website where people could register for gifts, choosing from any of Concord’s merchants who participated. Imagine doing all your gift shopping at local stores and still being able to satisfy the demands of a gift registry without fear of doubling up a gift with someone else!

Jason Wells
The Dead Sea Scrolls

Vicar Jason Wells of Grace Episcopal Church, a self-described “geek” for the Dead Sea Scrolls, gave an energetic and scholarly presentation on the subject.
Wells traced the ancient documents’ journey from their discovery in caves in the West Bank up to their present museum enshrinement. And what a journey it was!
The scrolls were discovered by two Bedouins, who were throwing rocks into caves when they heard a crash of pottery.
They investigated the noise and found some clay jars containing the scrolls. Which just proves that you should throw stones at stuff, like all the time. You could find the next Bible.

Jessica Eshleman
The Perfect Martini

Main Street Concord’s executive director – and former bartender – Jessica Eshleman presented “The Martini – Its Mystery and Mixology.” She taught the audience the proper steps and ingredients to make the perfect martini.
Did you know that the more dry vermouth you put in one, the less dry it is considered? Mind-bottling.
Eshleman also explained the James Bond line “Shaken, not stirred,” and even presented a case study of how Concordians take their martinis.
In case you were wondering, it’s straight up with Grey Goose and olives. Whip one up for us, readers, we’ll be over shortly.

Jennifer Kretovic
Women in Animation

Who knew that there was such a rivalry between Disney princesses and the Powerpuff girls?
Concord 20/20 Executive Director Jennifer Kretovic, that’s who, and she presented the evidence in “Women Empowered: An Evolution in Animation.”
Seems that the princesses in Disney movies were always pretty faces with no real skills, waiting for a prince to come rescue them.
When the Powerpuff Girls hit the scene, Disney changed their princess archetype to a more empowered leading lady, like Mulan. Then the Powerpuff Girls were shipped off to Japan. Case in point? The new Disney movie Tangled. I blame Mojo Jojo (the evil monkey nemesis on the Powerpuff Girls).

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