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March 7
Sister tells on bro
At approximately 11:55 p.m., Officer Dick Scott was dispatched to Winter Street regarding a domestic disturbance.

According to Scott’s report, on his arrival he met with Officer James Fallon, who had told him that a woman had called the police. The woman told the officers that she and her husband had been out with her brother, Theodore Brown, 21, of Concord, and his pregnant girlfriend, Scott wrote.

Brown’s sister told the officers that Brown got into a verbal argument with his girlfriend, Scott wrote.

During the argument, the woman said, Brown pushed his girlfriend against a car, Scott wrote. Brown’s sister and brother-in-law then got into an argument with Brown, Scott wrote.
According to the report, Brown pushed his girlfriend again and this time caused her to fall to the ground. Brown’s brother-in-law then intervened and got into a physical altercation with Brown, Scott wrote. After the brief fight between Brown and his brother-in-law, Brown and his girlfriend got into a car and left, Scott wrote.

According to Scott, Brown’s sister filled out a written statement. Her husband also filled out a statement but refused to seek any action regarding the fight between him and Brown, stating, “It’s a man thing, and I like to fight so it’s not a big deal,” Scott wrote.
Fallon and Scott then attempted to find Brown and his girlfriend at the girlfriend’s residence in Boscawen, Scott wrote.

When at the girlfriend’s residence, Fallon spoke to a woman who said she just talked to Brown’s girlfriend, Scott wrote. The woman told Fallon that the couple had gone to Brown’s mother’s home, Scott wrote.

According to the report, Fallon and Scott returned to Brown’s residence and located Brown and his girlfriend inside. Brown’s girlfriend said that nothing happened and that she only slipped on ice, Scott wrote. Scott wrote in his report that no visible injuries were found on the girlfriend, who confirmed she was pregnant with Brown’s child.

Brown also told the officers that nothing happened, Scott wrote. When Scott told Brown what his sister had told Scott and Fallon, Brown said that they got into a verbal argument, but nothing physical happened, Scott wrote.

Brown was taken into custody for domestic simple assault, Scott wrote. Scott transported Brown to the Concord Police Station, where he completed the booking process, Scott wrote.
He was released on $1,500 personal recognizance bail, and he was due in court on April 1.

While setting bail, Scott witnessed Bail Commissioner Dale St. Laurent describe all of the bail conditions to Brown, which included not having any contact with his girlfriend, Scott wrote. According to Scott’s report, Brown returned to Boscawen where his girlfriend was staying and violated his bail conditions. Brown was taken into custody again and a new court date was set for March 9.

March 15
Kicked in bed
Late Sunday night, Sgt. James Berry and Officers Nicole Murray and Scott Fanjoy were sent to a home on Beacon Street for a report of domestic disturbance. According to Fanjoy’s report, dispatch stated a man had been beaten by his wife, Jennifer Broder, 36, of Concord, and had barricaded himself in the couple’s bathroom, Fanjoy wrote.

Upon the officers’ arrival, the man came to the front and told the officers he was trying to sleep when his wife “lost it” and kicked him in the groin and elbowed him in the face, Fanjoy wrote. The man then told the officers that Broder was in the kitchen, Fanjoy wrote. According to the report, Berry and Murray spoke with the man, while Fanjoy went to find Broder.
“Jennifer was pacing back and forth in the kitchen when I approached her,” Fanjoy wrote. “I asked her to sit down and she complied. I asked Jennifer what happened tonight and she stated that her husband just came back home from ‘smoking coke’ all weekend and was now high.” Broder then told Fanjoy that her husband blew $1,400 on “coke” and his “stem” was somewhere in the basement, Fanjoy wrote.

According to Fanjoy, Berry came into the kitchen and asked Broder where the stem was. Broder stated her husband was smoking out of it last night upstairs in the bedroom and after he was done with it he put it in the work area in the basement, Fanjoy wrote. Broder then told Berry he could go look in the basement for it. Berry proceeded to go into the basement, Fanjoy wrote.

“I again asked Jennifer what happened tonight, and she stated nothing happened in a stern voice,” Fanjoy wrote. “I asked Jennifer if nothing happened then why were we called here for a domestic assault.”

According to the report, Broder told Fanjoy she did not call and that about 30 minutes prior to the officers arriving, her husband held her down but everything was fine. Fanjoy asked Broder if she kicked her husband in the groin, and she stated no, Fanjoy wrote. Fanjoy then asked Broder what happened to her husband’s face, and Broder proceeded to tell Fanjoy that he punched himself in the face once before to get her arrested, so he probably did that again, Fanjoy wrote.

Fanjoy asked Broder about her husband holding her down, and she stated there was no issue, Fanjoy wrote.

In the report, Fanjoy noted that while he was speaking with Broder he could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her mouth. He also wrote that her eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Fanjoy asked Broder how many drinks she had that evening and she told him “a couple glasses of wine,” Fanjoy wrote.

Berry returned from the basement and he stated he did not find the “stem,” Fanjoy wrote. Berry then advised Fanjoy that he observed a red mark on the victim’s face and that Broder would be under arrest for domestic-related simple assault, Fanjoy wrote.

Fanjoy informed Broder that she was under arrest, and that he would be transporting her to the station for processing. Fanjoy then took custody of her to the station where she was booked and processed without incident, Fanjoy wrote.

Broder was charged with simple assault. Her bail was set for $5,000, and she was due in court on March 16.

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