City Briefly 12/16/08

Some good advice

Stay off the ice!

It's that time again, everyone. Gather 'round and listen up: City Manager Tom Aspell, fearless city memo writer and occasional pirate, has a few things to tell you this week.

Starting with this: “Though the ice on the ponds at White Park and Merrill Park may look safe, the public is advised to keep off the ice until the signs are removed,” Aspell writes. “There is only a little more than two inches of ice on the ponds, making them unsafe for any traffic. Once there is six inches of ice, skating may safely take place.”

Hear that, people? Unlace those skates until Aspell tells you to put 'em on. He'll know if you disobey.

Awesome . . .

Is this a joke? No?

Okay, readers, you're going to think that this is just some Insider shenanigan, and we actually kind of wish we could take the credit for thinking it up, but alas, this really did come straight from our good buddy Aspell:

“Staff is pleased to announce that the city has received the 2008 Excellence in Concrete Award for the pervious concrete pavement at White Park,” he writes, barely able to contain his pride.

For those of you who are curled up in the fetal position right now, let's go over that once more:

“Staff is pleased to announce that the city has received the 2008 Excellence in Concrete Award for the pervious concrete pavement at White Park.”

Listen. Just because you've never won the Excellence in Concrete Award doesn't mean that you aren't jealous that someone else did.

Aspell has more to say, you know.

“Presented by the Northern New England Concrete Promotion Association at its annual meeting on Dec. 9, the Association recognized the excellence of project design, concrete specification and the construction of the pervious concrete parking area at White Park, noting its innovation to drainage solution, its appealing look within the context of the neighborhood and attention to detail during the placement,” Aspell writes. Are we alone here, or is he gloating a little?

Oh well. Let the man gloat. It isn't every day you win an award like that.

And in case any of you are curious about excellence concrete awards, we Googled the phrase and got about 3 million hits. At least now we know Aspell didn't make it up.

Leaf pickup?

That's so November

For those of you who are still freaking out about leaf pickup, it's time to chill out. The city isn't coming back.

According to Aspell, “The General Services Department completed two rounds of fall leaf clean-up earlier (last) week and crews have now put the sanders and plows on the trucks in preparation for salting and plowing this winter. The crews have also started placing snow fence and will continue this effort (this) week.”

Don't say you weren't warned.

Another sign of winter:

Golf course closes

Not one to mince words when he isn't waving his Excellence in Concrete award in your face, Aspell has this to say about winter and golf:

“Beaver Meadow Golf Course is now closed for the season. The course stayed open for play later than normal, until Dec. 8, in the hopes of generating more revenue for the course.”

Does anyone know if that ploy worked?

Aspell continues: “The pro shop will be open for holiday shopping needs on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until Christmas, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.”

And for the partiers out there: The concessionaire, Sarah Baas, is still accepting reservations for holiday parties in the clubhouse, Aspell says. Call her at 228-5308.

Don't speed here

You'll just get caught

Last week, Aspell says, the Concord Police Department began a period of “sustained intensified speed enforcement” in the Rockingham Street area.

That sounds bad. Or good, depending on who's listening to this, we guess.

Aspell continues, despite our kvetching: “This effort is one of several recommendations made by the city traffic operations committee and the transportation policy advisory committee to address traffic concerns in this area.”

Here's the kicker: “These efforts are expected to last through the spring,” he says. So speed somewhere else, okay?

Somebody's popular . . .

Rec website rulez.

Says Aspell: “The Recreation Department has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people using its website.”


“Last fiscal year, there were a total of 54,705 hits,” he continues, not appreciating our attitude. “For the first five months of this fiscal year, the number of hits is in excess of 67,200. The Department strives to keep the site updated weekly and has added several new programs this year, which has added to the increased use.”

We'd actually like to give the credit to ourselves. After all, who covers the city rec department more thoroughly than we do?

Good deeds

Done in city

On Dec. 2, the Concord Coalition to End Homelessness sponsored the first annual Project Homeless Connect, Aspell says. About 50 volunteers provided a one-stop shop of health and human services for the community's homeless, including flu shots, haircuts, information about shelters, medical care and counseling. For information, call 228-2218.

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