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Know a book worm who’s looking for some more pages to flip? Check out these novels written by members of the New Hampshire Writers’ Project.


Covered Bridges of NH

By Kim Varney Chandler

Covered Bridges of New Hampshire is a must have book for covered bridge enthusiasts and historians. The book is an engaging and well-illustrated history of the remaining covered bridges in the Granite State. It is the most comprehensive history of New Hampshire’s covered bridges in print.

The Healing Connection: A Partnership for your Health

By Drew Remignanti, MD, MPH

This book is a science-based argument for the enduring importance of the patient-physician relationship, in the face of current attempts to convert it to the more expensive and less effective consumer-provider model, which the author believes is a concern that should be shared by all.

Live Free and Hike: Finding Grace on 48 Summits

By Linda Magoon

Newly liberated after ending her toxic 25-year marriage Linda Magoon gradually regained her independence and rediscovered her love of hiking in the White Mountains. She set a goal to climb all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4,000-foot and higher peaks. By climbing each challenging summit, Magoon found the internal strength needed to overcome the paralyzing uncertainty surrounding the worst period of her life. Neither age, lack of experience, nor unforeseen life events would stop her from attempting her goal.


Malice Aforethought: A true story of the shocking double crime that horrified 19th-century New England

By Avree Kelly Clark

In the summer of 1874, a teacher goes missing. After a frantic search, the young woman is discovered horribly mutilated in the woods, of St. Albans, Vermont. A similar crime is committed in peaceful Pembroke, New Hampshire, in the autumn of 1875. This one, even more gruesome. Everyone questions whether the two beauties were intended victims or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. For the first time, the true crime story that has inspired dozens of podcasts and blogposts is a gripping novel and the author presents a theory never before explored.

Here It Ends

By Dan Lawton

In the finale of the That Was Before series, Randolph Spiers and Sheila Backe team up with redemption, forgiveness, and the possibility of second chances at stake. With INTERPOL investigator Gary O’Reilly on their heels as part of an unlikely trio of misfits, Randolph must put everything he thought he knew aside and put faith in the one person he’d been led to believe he shouldn’t. As Sheila’s true identity and motivations come into focus, Randolph grows to understand her at a level he didn’t know possible and must decide if she’s worth fighting for.

Ancient Mysteries of the Urban Legion

By David Agans

The apocalypse is not a prophecy — it’s a plot. This final book of the Urban Legion trilogy

reveals the appalling purpose of chemtrails, bananas, and 5G as it reinterprets history from the fall of Rome to the invention of chiropractic.

Cave Creek

By Helen DePrima

Investigative journalist Jess Kenard’s 16 yr.-old foster daughter stole a horse and disappeared with it into the Kentucky mountains. Or so it seemed. When the teenagers’ bones show up near the stable where she worked, Jess shares her insider knowledge of equine industry with longtime friend Louisville Metro Detective Joe Schuler. Unfortunately Jess’s reputation for unearthing secrets soon makes her a target as they inch closer to identifying the killer.

Home at Night

By Paula Munier

Mercy Carr and her dog, Elvis are at Grackle Tree Farm, with thirty acres of woods and wetlands and a Victorian manor to die for. They say it’s haunted by the ghosts of missing children and lost poets and a murderer or two, but Mercy loves it anyway. Even when Elvis finds a dead body in the library. Now it’s up to Mercy and Elvis with help from Mercy’s friend Troy to track down the murderer.

After Lisa

By Joe Pace

When Andy Chester loses his thirtysomething wife Lisa to breast cancer, it doesn’t take long for his world to fall apart. His business teeters on the edge of financial ruin. His overbearing father-in-law is convinced Andy is unfit to raise his young son and daughter alone. Adrift in a world he struggles to navigate without his beloved Lisa, Andy’s eclectic network of support tries to help. Despite their efforts, Andy confronts the possibility that whether or not there’s life after death, there may be no life After Lisa.

A Wreck of Dragons

by Elaine Isaak

Teenagers partner with giant robots to find a new home for humanity in space, but the Goldilocks planet they discover already belongs to the dragons!

The Journey Chronicles: Mourn (English version)

Chroniken einer Reise: Aus der Dunkelheit ins Licht (German version)

By Franz Markhgott

Recovering from personal tragedies, a middle-aged widower and a troubled young woman share a cabin on a European riverboat cruise. Strange circumstances make for strange bedfellows when each of them has a hidden agenda. Their desperate quest to find meaning and happiness develops into something more than they had bargained for as they try to overcome the baggage of their past.

The Justice Seeker

By Mark Okrant

The Justice Seeker is a western coming of age story with fresh twists that include Hopi culture and mysticism, Jewish rituals, and one powerful supernatural presence. It is set during the late nineteenth century, at a time when settlers who came to Flagstaff, Arizona in search of a quick fortune resorted to stealing Hopi land and settling disputes at the point of a gun.


With Little Light and Sometimes None at All

By Richard Foerster

The author’s poems accumulate into a whole that suggests the breadth and scale of a life, and of two lives conjoined and drawing nearer that brink the years make more real to us all. The poet is not afraid of darkness, or perhaps just afraid enough, so that his language—gorgeous, witty, dire, often all at once—lights up everything it touches.

Children’s Book

Sadie Sloth and Her Spaghetti

By Lauren Walczak

Sadie Sloth likes to twirl and swirl and spin and eat… string cheese – but nothing else! This fancy sloth is a particularly picky eater and is stuck in her ways. Trying anything new is scary for Sadie, but will friend Ellie Elephant help her find the courage she needs? This beautifully illustrated children’s book shows the importance of introducing new foods in a very gentle way. As the author and a mother to a little girl on the Autism Spectrum, Lauren Walczak wanted to provide parents, BCBAs, Speech & Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, RBTs, classroom teachers, and others with a visual to use on this topic.

Author: Beth D’ovidio

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