Looking back: Timeline for the Durgin Silver Company

1910 Photograph Durgin Silver Factory, White Street, Concord
1910 Photograph Durgin Silver Factory, White Street, Concord

1854: William B. Durgin arrives in Concord and sets up a small office near the “Free Bridge” on Main Street for a short period. At this time his focus is primarily on silver spoons & utensils.

1855: Within a year he has moved his silver business to the School Street location, which burned in 1860.

1866: William Durgin builds a large brick factory on School Street.

1890s: With the strong demand for his silver products William’s son, George Durgin, takes over much of the management of the company for his father and the White Street Factory under the name “William B. Durgin & Son” is established on White Street.


Interesting to note that William Durgin invested in real estate, renting homes that he built in Concord to his employees. My first home near White Park referenced the Durgin family on the original deed. William Durgin lived at the top of Center Street and was able to view his White Street factory below from his residence.

Author: James W. Spain

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