Book: “Righteous Prey”

“Righteous Prey”

By John Sandford

(417 pages, mystery/thriller, 2022)

This is volume 32 of The Prey novel series, featuring U.S. Marshall Lucas Davenport and his sidekick, Virgil Flowers.

This book starts with a murder of a homeless man in San Francisco. There’s a twist from a “typical” murder though, in that not only does the victim have a clear #1 traced on his forehead, but the murder was followed by a press release purporting to be from the killer. The press release states that this is the beginning – a group called the Five will be murdering more people who “need to be murdered.” Next up – a politician! Additionally, the killers will be donating a substantial amount of Bitcoin to appropriate charitable organizations after each kill, and are wondering if the organizations will accept this morally-questionable donation.

Follow Lucas and Virgil as they, while “assisting” the FBI, get pulled from one location to another across the country as the murders, and future expected murders, are geographically diverse. Lucas and Virgil come up with the most leads, resulting in eventually identifying most of the group and ending with the usual mayhem.

This is another enjoyable book in this long-running series, with the promise of another Letty Davenport book (Lucas’ adopted daughter who shares many somewhat concerning characteristics with him) to be released in 2023.

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Meredith Dahlrose

Author: Insider Staff

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