Art exhibit features New Hampshire scenes

“N’Ice Landing,” by Lesley Morgan
“N’Ice Landing,” by Lesley Morgan
“Cruisin’ the Castle,” by Lesley Morgan
“Cruisin’ the Castle,” by Lesley Morgan

New Hampshire Art Association artist Lesley Morgan will have her latest artwork on display in an exhibit titled, “Live Free and Re-Create,” at the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center beginning June 22.

A digital artist, Morgan uses several techniques to recreate experiences that are richer than memories evoked by conventional photographs alone. Her subjects are iconic New Hampshire attractions reimagined and enhanced by exaggerated scale and layered images, or by pixels pushed until shapes break into abstract streaks or clouds of color.

Morgan is calling the exhibit “Live Free and Re-Create,” which is a play on NH’s “Live Free or Die,” slogan written by Revolutionary War Gen. John Stark in 1809 and adopted as the state motto in 1945.

The title also recalls the highly successful “Live Free and…” marketing campaign launched a decade ago by NH’s Division of Travel and Tourism Development, which started with “Live Free and Explore” and expanded, through use by other NH business associations, to include “Live Free and Ski,” “Live Free and Go Camping,” and even “Live Free and Shop.”

Morgan hopes that viewers of “Live Free and Re-Create” will be amused and challenged by what they see, and that they will take time to notice the details that are over the top or simply wrong.

“Most of the work is based on my own photographs, but some images incorporate photos taken by others,” Morgan said. “Stealing from other artists is a centuries-long tradition in the art world. Think of Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol… “Live Free and Borrow.” But rather than simply creating copies, my work has a core sensibility that is totally mine… sort of a sum greater than the parts that is exuberant and fun.”

Morgan’s exhibit will run at the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center, located at 49 South Main Street, Suite 104, in Concord, from June 22 through Aug. 19.

The gallery hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Check the Chamber’s website at for hours before visiting as they may vary.

All work is for sale by contacting the N.H. Art Association at 603-431-4230.

Author: Suzanne Laurent

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