Book: The Man Who Died Twice: A Thursday Murder Club Mystery

The Man Who Died Twice: A Thursday Murder Club Mystery

By Richard Osman

(355 pages, mystery, 2021)

The Thursday Murder Club is back! Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron and Ibrahim all live at Cooper’s Chase, a retirement village in Kent, England. But they are not typical retirees. Instead of doing crafts or jigsaw puzzles, they solve mysteries, usually cold cases. A significant person from Elizabeth’s mysterious past comes to ask her for help. He’s suspected of stealing some diamonds from a very dangerous person. He swears he didn’t steal them and needs a safe place to lie low. And Ibrahim is brutally attacked in town. He doesn’t want to leave their retirement village ever again. But Elizabeth, Joyce and Ron have other ideas about that, and they start to plan. Then a body shows up, and the search for the truth is on. A wild ride ensues. There are a lot of characters and lots of suspects to keep track of. And a good amount of dark humor. It’s worth keeping track of them all, and of all of the twists and turns!

You might want to read the Thursday Murder Club book first to get acquainted with the main characters.

This second story also includes the two police officers, PC Donna De Freitas and DCI Christ Hudson, and we learn more about their lives. The young man named Bogdan has a bigger part in this story. Bogdan is an intriguing character. Is he a good man with some bad tendencies, or a bad man with some good tendencies? At any rate, he is definitely someone that you want on your side! This funny, quirky mystery is an absolute delight!

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Robbin Bailey

Author: Insider Staff

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