The Hiding Place

By Paula Munier

(323 pages, mystery, 2021)

Mercy and Elvis return with another exciting mystery. Many years ago, Mercy’s grandfather, Grandpa Red, a sheriff, was shot in the line of duty. Mercy’s grandmother Patience never forgave his deputy, August Pitts, for coming to work late that day. Now Pitts calls Mercy to his deathbed. He asks Mercy to find Beth Kilgore, an abused woman who has been missing for 20 years. Mercy also hears that the man who shot her grandfather has broken out of prison, bent on revenge.

Mercy must solve this mystery before someone in her family is hurt. And on top of all this, a strange man appears at Mercy’s door; a man that Elvis knows. (Elvis is a Belgian shepherd, an ex-military dog who can detect ammunition and explosives). The Army vet claims that he was Elvis’ first handler and he deserves to have him back. And that Elvis would have a better and safer life with him. Saying “good-bye” to Elvis would break Mercy’s heart. She and Elvis are a team.

Mercy, Elvis, game warden Troy Warner, and his dog, Suzie Bear, take on this multi-faceted case. This is a fast-paced thriller with charming characters. The high-speed snowmobile chases through the Vermont woods kept me on the edge of my seat!

The author, credits the hero dogs of Mission K9 Rescue, her own rescue dogs Bear, Bliss and Blondie … and a lifelong passion for crime fiction as her series’ major influences. She lives in New Hampshire with her family, the dogs, and a torbie tabby named Ursula.

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Robbin Bailey

Author: Insider Staff

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